Finding the Right Furniture Rental for Property Staging

Finding the Right Furniture Rental for Property Staging

Most real estate experts suggest filling your property with tastefully chosen rental furniture and accessories when you need to arrange it for a real estate showing after you have already moved out. As a result, you will have a better chance of selling it quickly for a higher price. Although empty rooms can appear larger, many prospective buyers find it difficult to picture themselves living there. Empty spaces may feel chilly and uninviting and reverberate as prospective buyers pass by. According to studies, homes with proper property staging furniture rental sell more quickly and for higher prices than abandoned homes.

Decorating and accessorizing an empty house can be challenging unless you know how to do it successfully.

1.     Selecting the Best Furniture Rental Company

Search for businesses that offer prompt and secure delivery. You probably only have a little time when your house is on the market. You must engage with a company that rents out furniture, can deliver the items on the schedule, and arrange them fast and expertly. Additionally, after your house sells, you need a store that immediately takes up the staged furniture. Be careful to inquire about this because many businesses need to include the dropping and picking service in their quoted costs.

Additionally, do some research and look for a business in your area that is nearby. This will enable you to significantly reduce your shipping costs, mainly if they are not included in the price.

The easiest way to determine how well a furniture rental company or a professional home staging service performs is to read online evaluations of the businesses you are considering from sites like Yelp.

2.     Renting furniture for staging is a wise financial decision!

Renting furniture from rental firms has both advantages and disadvantages. Even though rental organizations frequently offer a large selection of inventory, their higher costs might increase over time.

However, engaging with a professional stager or a reliable rental firm might help you save money because they frequently have access to discounted staging furniture rentals. At the same time, you’re more likely to pay significantly more if you hire furniture directly from an unreliable rental company!

Working with a stager has the advantage of having access to their furniture inventory or pre-existing connections with businesses that rent out stuff. Stagers can help you keep your prices down with their inventory, especially if your property staging furniture rental needs to last longer than 30 days.

3.     Cost of furniture staging

The price of renting staging furniture will vary based on your location and the products you select. Professional stagers often charge between $300 and $600 for an initial consultation and between $500 and $600 per room per month to equip the house and maintain it for showings. You should budget between $100 and $300 a month per room if you prefer to hire furnishings yourself. Saving money by furnishing only some rooms is possible. However, the costs associated with renting furnishings increase the longer a home must be shown. A portion of this financial load might be reduced if these expenses are factored into the price of the home.

A few rental firms provide furniture ranging from $30 per week to $70 per week, depending on the quality and style. 

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, a beautifully equipped property will sell more quickly and frequently for more money than a vacant one. Renting furniture is a fantastic choice if you are moving out of the house, and it is a common practice in more expensive and posh residences. A home can be more aesthetically appealing and help prospective buyers see themselves living there by adding the correct furnishings.

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