How To Get Rid of Dust Mites Using Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Get Rid of Dust Mites Using Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a great way to warm up your home, but they are especially welcome during Alberta’s frigid winters. There’s nothing like the comfort of a carpeted floor, a fire, and a cup of cocoa to take away the stresses of the day. But that won’t happen if the carpet is stained.

Many people have the mistaken belief that a simple vacuum will suffice to get rid of all the dirt and debris in their carpet, but this is not always the case. Dust and pollutants that might set off asthma attacks and allergies have accumulated since many trouble spots do not get the attention and care they need.

Without regular professional cleaning, filth becomes embedded in the carpet, bacteria spread and attracts allergens, and your family is put at risk. If you have small kids, pets, especially elderly people living with you, it is extremely important to get your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis to protect everyone’s health and ensure that your house is a welcoming and safe environment.

1. Prolonging the carpet’s life

frequent vacuuming

With all the foot traffic that passes across carpets every day, they inevitably take a battering. Dirt, dust, and grime embed themselves deep through the carpet’s fibers, eventually making the carpet appear flat and lifeless. Do you long for the day when your carpet was first laid in your home? As it happens, that’s a perk of having clean carpets.

While frequent vacuuming is essential to eliminate surface filth, only a qualified steam cleaning can get to the debris and dirt that have become embedded in the carpet over time.

Furthermore, the solutions used by your cleaning company will sanitize the carpet and revitalize the fibers, giving it a brand new appeal.

2. Removing stains

Many people don’t have a lot of time on their hands to clean every single one of their carpet. Do you have any experience with DIY carpet stain removal? It never fails that a spot you just cleaned reappears a few days after you believe you got rid of it for good. There is no blatant stain, but neither is it perfectly clean.

If you use the wrong homemade or store-bought cleaning products, you could ruin your carpet for good. Further, if the accident isn’t cleaned up quickly, it might seep through the underlay and leave a lasting stain. If the problem remains after being mopped up with a clean paper towel, you may want to call in the experts.

A carpet cleaner’s knowledge of carpet fibers is an additional benefit. They know what kinds of pre-treatments work best before steam cleaning. There are numerous methods for removing stains such as those left by coffee, alcohol, human fluids, muddy paws, dirt, and other pets. Find out more

3. A healthier environment

Carpets pose a major foundation of indoor air pollution due to the presence of bacteria and allergens, making it harder to breathe for people with respiratory conditions like asthma as well as allergies. You and the more susceptible family members may experience respiratory difficulties and other health issues as a result of this.

When you hire an experienced carpet cleaning service, they will be able to remove allergens and disinfect the carpet, leading to cleaner, healthier air in your house.

4. Removing traces of grime

carpet stain removal

Maybe you’re the type who thinks everything can be worked out. To save money, rather than employing a professional carpet cleaning service, you choose for the do-it-yourself route and utilize one of those machines available for purchase or rental. But are you really economizing?

And do you think they’re as effective as having your carpets cleaned by a professional, who uses high-pressure, high-temperature water extraction to clean your rugs?

The recommended cleaning chemicals for use with some cleaning equipment leave a residue. Therefore, it will help produce the soiled areas described earlier. So, yes, they could serve as a stopgap measure, but wouldn’t you rather have clean carpets permanently? If you continue to use your at-home carpet cleaning system, you will eventually wear out your carpets from repeatedly washing the same spots.

5. Eliminating soiling

Have you noticed that high-traffic carpeting areas have begun to develop darker, shaded lanes? Where do you put your feet most often—indoors and outdoors, on stairs, in front of the couch, etc.?

The even hue of your carpet can be restored with the assistance of a trained carpet cleaning service. And that’s presuming the carpet is dirty, not just old and thin.

6. Cleanliness

You can learn how to get rid of dust mites by watching experts do their magic. Do you have a preferred time of year to tackle a major cleaning project? Some people want to do it right before the holidays, while others prefer to wait until thereafter, and still others prefer to do it on both occasions. Sadly, many people get the cleaning itch every Spring. No matter how often you spring clean each year, carpet cleaning remains an essential chore.

If the carpets are dirty, it won’t matter how thoroughly you scrub the floors, walls, and doorknobs. Carpets should be professionally cleaned as part of your regular cleaning routine. Carpet cleaning is a great way to improve the aesthetic value and cleanliness of your home.

8. Better than DIY

Do you really intend to spend hours on end dragging a portable carpet cleaner around your house? How long do you anticipate it taking you to cover the entire carpet in a manner that is both thorough and uniform? Why not get a professional carpet cleaner to come in for an hour or two while you go do something more interesting?

That way, you can be assured that all the exposed areas have been completely covered and the carpet fibers will be fully cleaned. One more perk of carpet cleaning is the time and work it can save you. An expert carpet cleaner has access to high-quality tools and can clean your carpets thoroughly and quickly.

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