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Flexible cooling mister: Sprays mist without wetting

Flexible Cooling Mister


Beat the summer heat with this amazing flexible cooling mister that makes the ambiance cold and soothing. The biggest feature of this mister is that it cools the environment without wetting it.

What’s unique

This brand new mister can surely be a personal mister that can very well cool down the humid environment of your garden or patio. It sprinkles very soothing, relaxing and light mist that instantly makes the environment magical and refreshing.

High Points

This unique cooling mister is available in many bright colors to go with your garden or yard. Moreover, it is highly flexible in nature. You can attach it to your hose and wrap it around your chair, tree branch or craft a freestanding form. This mister is very much capable in holding its modified form and delivers a super refreshing mist to offer you maximum relief from hot and humid summers.


You can own this mister at just $24.95.

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