Four Different Types of Rooflights You Need to Know

Types of Rooflights You Need to Know

First things first, let’s know what rooflights are. When you hear the word rooflight, you can be confused because it’s not something many people put in their homes. A roof light is an opening in a roof that has the crucial function of adding more light to your home. When you want to change the outlook of your home and make it look different from other homes, put up roof lights. Sometimes the area and how your roof has been placed may hinder light from entering your home, and this is why you need to put up a rooflight to add more natural light to your home.

In this article, we will discuss the types of roof lights you can put on your roof. The leading roof lights that people use are pitched roof lights and flat roof lights. Before you purchase your rooflight, make sure you know the interior and exterior parts of your home so that you can know what rooflight you need. The best company to buy your rooflight is from tuffx.

The types of roof lights include;

1.  Conservation rooflights

This particular spotlight is excellent for heritage body roofs. These homes require a conversation rooflight because these homes are historical, and various regulations need to be met so that there could be structural changes in your home. When it comes to layouts, conservation rooflights come in two designs, pitched and flat designs. You could choose the design depending on where you want to place the rooflight and how your property has been designed.

2.  Lantern rooflights

Lantern roof lights are slightly different from other rooflights since they are 3D roof lights. When you want to boost the aesthetic of your home, these are the best roof lights since they are made from timber or powder-coated steel. Lantern rooflights add light to your home and make it look great during the day. This rooflight has an opening that allows your roof to look bigger than it initially is.

3.  Automated rooflight

Automated rooflights add light to your home and can also be opened electronically. In case you are looking for a rooflight that doesn’t need a lot of operation, the automated rooflight is the best option. Automated rooflights can be placed on flat, pitched and casement roof lights. All this depends on how much money you have and what function you want the roof to play.

4.  Skywalk rooflights

Skywalk rooflights are superb for flat roofs that want an added feature. When you have a skywalk rooflight, you can walk across your flat surface terrace as they walk on their skywalk rooflight. The skywalk rooflight has an anti-slip surface for safety purposes. When you have a roof terrace, and you don’t want to tamper with it but want to add more light to your home, you should buy a skywalk rooflight.


When you finally move into your home, and you want it to have more light, you should opt for roof lights because they are easy to use, they come in various designs, and they are cost-friendly.

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