Futonmaki sofa cum oriental dining arrangement

Futonmaki  Mesa Sofa/Table / Couch

The Futonmaki is an amazing design that turns into an oriental low-rise table with futons on either sides and can also transform into a comfortable western two-seater sofa. It is a product that was an entry by the students studying design at TokSok. This multifunctional design is inspired from the Japanese dining system which has a low table with futons or mattresses on either side.

Futon is the name for a Japanese mattress that is made from natural fibers making them warm in the winters and cool during the summers. Futons have a tendency to support your posture hence it is beneficial to those suffering from back pain.

These mattresses are very affordable and the best part about them is that they adapt easily to suit any furniture type. Hence your Futonmaki will look elegant no matter which form it is in. Another quality of futon mattresses is that it is free from electro-magnetic conductivity during sleeping which is extremely beneficial. Your eco-friendly Futonmaki would not only look good as an elegant decor but would also provide utmost comfort.

The Futonmaki does not have hinges and fittings, hence it is very easy to assemble and disassemble the furniture piece as it works seamlessly. It can be very beneficial in homes that have space constraints, as it can easily convert into a 2-seater sofa that is extremely comfortable. Earthy colors are used for the Futonmaki in line with the Oriental minimalistic tradition making it look very simple yet very classy.

Via: Adweek

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