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Gas stove goes digital with Flaz

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Where would we be without the ingenious ‘concepts’, blending all the modern tech tools into seemingly commonplace objects? I know we’d still be stuck with our regular gas stove, bending down every five minutes to home in on the perfect flame. Pierre Duthoit is an industrial designer who works by motto: “a product is a link between a user and a need.” He designs “cutting edge products” and lays as much emphasis on concepts as the design. This is clearly reflected in his concept for a gas stove. He has taken this seemingly antiquated item and bestowed it with digital tools. His Flaz Gas Stove is specifically aimed at solving the above-mentioned problem. Obviously Flaz Gas Stove looks amazingly minimalist yet glossy, attractive and contemporary while doing so. By incorporating a digital panel to provide the necessary info about the burners (like their current state, and the flame-level at which they are operating), Flaz does away with a need to peep under the pan ever so often to maintain the right temperature. Doing away with knobs and going in for a flat design, Flaz is also quite easy to clean. Flaz concept has looks that can kill and designer describes it as a carrier of professional feeling. Easy to say that after looking at the brilliantly rendered images; two of which follow.

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