The Automatic Hot Dog Griller- A healthy alternative to Seven-11 hot dogs

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A house-party with a bunch of hot-dog lovers coming over can turn out to be a nightmare sometimes. Shuffling between guests and shifting hot dogs on your griller is like stepping on north and south poles at the same time! The Automatic Hot dog Griller like the one spotted in Seven-11 eatery space, is up for all those who cannot breathe without a bite of hot-dogs. If your love for hot-dogs was harrowed on having heard people speaking of their prejudice for Seven-11 hot dogs, you just need close to $40 to make them in your private square. The tool brooms out the hassles of tedious hand turning and will delight you with full-flavored, well-cooked hot dogs.

It can rotate up to 5 hot dogs or sausages continuously to ensure even cooking. The Stainless steel construction looks after durability and easy cleaning. Equipped with 6 rollers, it pulls up energy from 4 AA batteries.

Via Coolest-Gadgets

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