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gothic themed bedroom

Bedrooms give an opportunity to explore a world that is devoid of frustration and tensions of the real world. A bedroom that’s on par with our temperament allows us to have a sound sleep. Nowadays, lot of new styles have emerged to make your bedroom an interesting place to experiment with. And considering the popularity factor of Gothic themed bedrooms, we have come up with some easy yet effective tips to turn your bedroom into one! A Gothic style bedroom filled with elements constituting a Gothic taste like molding, arcs and stone type atmosphere typically associated with castles and cathedrals is a rage in recent times. Image credit

The Theme Ordinarily, the word “Gothic” represents horror and romance found close to the castles and buildings found in medieval times. Well, if you come to read Gothic literature you would notice ghosts, supernatural, death, decay, vampires and monsters blended so well with similar architectural style. However, I must say when one is planning to have a Gothic bedroom, one is certainly not offering an open invitation to vampires and magicians. It only means one is borrowing architectural style prevalent in medieval times like pointed arch, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress. It’s now time to make moldings, arcs and a stone-type atmosphere make their presence felt in your bedroom. The look 1. Gothic Colors The prominent colors that represent a Gothic style are black, gray and red. However, let’s not commit the fatal blunder of painting the walls of bedroom in total black. Black, black everywhere in the bedroom is going to make you feel depressed. Its better that we give way to grays, silvers, burgundy and deep reds to lessen the dominance of black, which is considered the chief color representative of Gothic style. The dark woods and mental accents would add a new twist as you decide to fill the bedroom with Gothic style. Experimentation is must to keep this style in relevance. 2. Furniture You need to be extra conscious while deciding the type of furniture you are going to use in the Gothic-style bedroom. Using different furniture would be a source of distraction. Wood or iron furniture would work wonders. A contemporary taste would make it a normal abode. To lend it a touch of old world class, its better that we devote extra personal attention and prefer something like solid hardwood construction. Bed frames and cabinets should be bit sturdy and aspects like featured arches, spiral-turned legs and rich upholstery should be in dark colors. Be in sync with the Gothic theme in your bedroom or else you would feel like a lost ship in the middle of the ocean. 3. Walls The type of wall is of great importance to keep the Gothic feeling alive. No problem if you decide to make use of template, but addition of irregular bricks would remind you of custom wall murals. If that’s combined with deep purple or red fabric type bright colors, the Gothic feeling would touch a new height. Doors molded in brick patterns having archways would surely make it on par with a castle. Windows too, need to rely on fabrics using bright colors. 4. Get some ornaments Well, ornaments are loved by the ladies. Anyway, we are talking about Gothic style and not ladies! Forget about Gothic style if one is not interested in ornaments. The ornaments are a sine qua non for maintaining a Gothic style in the bedroom. Gothic Celtic crosses, Gothic dragons, Gothic fairies and etc. would add a new dimension in your Gothic-style bedroom. One is free to visit online shops to get hold of eye-catching Gothic ornaments. 5. Candles In Indian horror movies we always find a white sari-clad woman, holding a candle and singing some romantic number. However, please don’t make use of candles this way in your bedroom. It could frighten the kids. The candles deepen the Gothic feeling if brought in use in such bedrooms. The effect will be better if we have them in silver, black and red colors. Romantic creatures should better prefer cream colored or yellow/gold candles. One conscious of good smells can go in for scented candles. 6. Candle holders If you are adding candles to deepen the Gothic style in the room, then I hope you would not be too hesitant in using candle holders. Majestic, silver candle holders would add a new dimension. What’s more inclusion of Celtic knot work, cold-cast resin and pentagram designs will lend a Gothic touch to the candle holder. Some of the candle holders like Bone dragon serpent holder, Stoic Gargoyle Gothic-style candle holder and The Dead of Night candle holder can be preferred. 7. Plants How can be plants belong to a normal category type against a Gothic setting? However, no need imagine about the cemeteries where we often come to see such plants. Don’t forget we are talking about Gothic bedrooms. Gothic flowers are almost very dark. Wild Roses mired in deep rich colors would not only brighten the Gothic bedroom, but also add a pleasant smell. In fact, romance would be a commonplace affair amid such flowers. One not interested in real plants can choose the fake ones corresponding well with the Gothic taste. They induce relaxation. One advantage with fake plants is that they demand less attention apart from appearing in various styles. 8. Cushions A beautiful decorative cushion will make your Gothic bedroom cynosure of all eyes. The ones made of black silk would surely enhance the gorgeous appeal. Silver embroidery or crystal white cushions also create a wonderful effect in a sense that they make your sleep a pleasant experience. One can have items like Gothic black velvet square cushion to make Gothic style come alive. No need to get worried about tracing them. They has now hit the stores. 9. Get some bed sheets A bed made up of Gothic furniture should have Gothic bed sheets to heighten the Gothic feelings. That means let’s bid adieu to plain bed sheets. Black silk again plays a pivotal role. Velvet, plain white and silver also are not far behind when it comes to selection of bed sheets to be used in Gothic bedrooms. Lovers of rich colors could select the ones using purple, red and blue. However, a refined selection on par with your Gothic taste is not possible unless you are ready to spend some time. 10. Gothic Home Lighting Lighting also plays a significant role in shaping the mood inside a Gothic bedroom. No need to bring in mind those movie scenes, wherein lightning between clouds create a frightening effect. Don’t turn your bedroom into an ideal place to shoot a horror movie. Be sensible and creative like how to make dark shades attain a dimmer look with a proper lighting. You should be aware of changing the lighting scheme, being in league with better designing tips made for medieval and Gothic decor. Quick tips • Have you noticed that mirror scenes in Hollywood movies create a sensational effect? Well, mirrors can also be used to produce a wonderful effect with a difference. They are not going to scare you. They are going to enhance the impression of a castle window. However, we should aware of their proper placement. • Once again, I must remind the lovers of Gothic bedrooms to be very conscious and creative. Make use of the right accessories and furniture to magnify the Gothic appeal. What about having a Gothic-style huge fan? • Area rugs in dark color when used in flooring would make your bedroom truly Gothic.

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