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moroccan themed room The mesmerizing beauty radiated by the fusion of geometric patterns, vibrant jewel-toned colors and the elegant modern flowing fabrics make the Moroccan decor a favorite of the themed bedrooms. A theme that is wide prevalent on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it borrows the traditions from the Far East, Southern Spain and Northern Africa. The colorful tiles, elegantly distinct plasterwork, painted surfaces gracing walls, the tastefully finished paintings, ornately carved furniture – all these ensure that you enjoy an extravagant retreat while you are in your bedroom. In short, the Moroccan themed bedroom reflects the enthralling fusion of sensuality and spirituality, thereby offering you a luxurious retreat after a stressful day.These are some tips which will come handy if you are opting for a Moroccan themed bedroom. Image Credit The Look 1. Coloring your walls Colors are vital ingredients of the Moroccan decor. Since the Moroccan colors have been inspired by the natural colors of turmeric, saffron, paprika and many more, you can choose from these shades. People, who prefer to choose lighter color shades, you have the options for choosing from deep purple, cobalt blue and emerald green. Whichever color you choose for the walls, make sure that the fabric and accessories are also of the same color. 2. Don’t ignore the ceilings As a general rule, we all paint our ceiling white. But white is a strict No in Moroccan theme. Paint your ceilings with the wall color or a lighter shade. You can choose a contrasting shade also, but make sure that you are not bringing in too much of drama in the colors. 3. Paint the molding Molding includes anything present as part of a room which can be painted like – window frames, crown molding, doors. Again, the rule is to keep white out of the scene. Choose matching shades or contrasting shades, depending on how colorful you want your room to be. 4. Adorning your window Never choose heavy drapes for the windows. Always choose lightweight, airy fabrics in rich colors. Since blue is the basic color in the Moroccan decor, you can opt for this Moroccan color. Make sure that the drape colors do not obstruct the light in your room. 5. Choosing the bedding accessories The colors of the bed covers, bed sheets, comforters and blankets should be in sync with the color of your bedroom walls and ceilings. Adhere to vibrant colors, while striking a balance with earthy tones. Choose fabrics made from silk brocades, linens, wools and velvet. To complete the furnishing, pop up raw silk, embroidered pillows. Coming to the patterns, try to stick to geometrical ones like stripes and lines. If you are person using mosquito net, then use a jewel-toned one. 6. Decorating your bedroom floors Enhance the appeal of your Moroccan themed bedroom with a luxurious Persian carpet in rich reddish-orange shades. Add the beauty with floor pillows in silk with blue shades. 7. Furniture for your Moroccan bedroom Hexagonal patterns and furniture made using iron are quite commonly used in Moroccan decor. Try to pick a hexagonal nightstand for your bedroom, preferably made using wrought iron. If your bedroom is spacious enough, then you may even add armoires, with hand painted colors and patterned with Moroccan motifs. 8. Illuminating Your Bedroom Lighting sets the mood of any room. Avoid using night lamps, instead set the tone of your bedroom with romantic Moroccan candles. Using Moroccan lanterns and candles glorifies the beauty of the room with the shadows it creates when the flickering light falls on the furniture present in the room. Quick tips • Earthy tones like sand and cinnamon will give your bedroom the decorative appeal of Morocco. • If you want authentic Moroccan furnishings, you should look for Moroccan Imports such as intricately carved screens and carved furniture pieces with mother of pearl or brass details or intricate carvings and brilliant colors. • If possible and feasible, try to incorporate furniture like tea tables and bureaus made using Thuja trees, instead of your normal tea tables and wardrobes. • A distinctive accent could be wrought iron which is found in decorative wall art, wall scones and ornate lanterns. Beautifully colored glass panes enhanced by brass or wrought-iron frames, either in plain and simple lines, or intricately ornate decor, projects a particularly warm and eccentric glow over the room.

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