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Green your lighting: Tips to save electricity

CFL green light

Electricity, as we know is the basic necessity in our lives. Like other useful resources, the world is facing a threat in shortage of electricity as well. In no time, we might face its crunch, if we don’t take steps to safe electricity. Efforts are now being made to look for a cheaper means that can function with usage of less electricity but can have equal effect. Special lights have been designed for this purpose. Here is a list of adopting some steps towards going green lighting.

1. CFL:

Green lighting

Use of CFL lights can reduce a huge amount of electricity as CFL lights take only a quarter of the energy of an ordinary light bulb. Though they cost more than ordinary bulbs, but they last much longer. There are two new versions of CFL on the market – warm color CFLs and dimming CFLs.

2. Green light fittings: Lights and lamps are now made with natural recycled materials like wood, cloth, glass, or metal.

3. Motion detector light switches in selective areas:

Motion Detector Light Switche

Motion detector light switches are specially functioned in such a way that when someone enters a room they turn on automatically and after a predetermined amount of time later they again automatically turn off. This predetermined time could be adjusted by the user. It can be used to prevent unnecessary electric energy loss, when no one is using it.

4. LED: Light emitting diodes (LED) are another alternative for regular light bulbs. LEDs fit normal bulb sockets, so its quite easy to use it at home. Though LED is a bit costlier but it saves even more energy than CFLs and these bulbs are very safe to use.

5. Green power: Electricity can be produced by using natural sources like wind, solar power, or bio-gas. To support these new electricity producing procedures, a new offer has been introduced to the customers. This offer is called ‘green power option’. Signing up for green power means the customer will pay a bit more money per month to support these new environment friendly forms of making electric energy.

6. Inculcate habits to save electricity: Inculcate regular habits to save electricity. Ensure to switch off electric items when not in use. Avoid using AC all the time. Ensure to shut down your PC and laptop when not in use.

7. Eco friendly light materials: Use eco-friendly lamps at your house to save energy. Look out for lamps made by reclaimed materials like traffic signal lenses, wine bottles or bottle tops.

8. Wall warts: Wall warts are power adapters attached with electric cords. These wall warts actually draw energy from the wall and often stay warm even when the device is turned off. Unplug these wall warts to save energy.

9. Avoid adding to light pollution: Light from the outside lamps should be set in a way that it doesn’t shine above 30 degree angle, so that no light goes up directly into the sky or inside the house of neighbors.

10. Switch to a dimmer light bulb: Dim lights use less electricity than full power light bulbs. So when full power lights are not necessary for your work always use dimmer light. This is a simple way to save energy and the environment.