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Guide on How to Design a Functional Kitchen

How to Design a Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is all about functionality. However, it is important for it to look well designed too. Here is how to design a functional kitchen.

1. Sink, Stove, Fridge

Gas kitchen stove

These are the main 3 utilities for anyone cooking in the kitchen. For this reason, it is important for them to be easily accessible and near each other. These three kitchen appliances are called the kitchen work triangle. The idea is for a triangular shape to connect them, rather than placing everything on the same side.

2. Lighting

Your kitchen must be correctly lit for cooking so that the chef can see what they’re doing, but also correctly lit for dinner. For dinner it can make sense to have the dining area more dimly lit to create a relaxing atmosphere in the evening. An adjustable brightness bulb is a great solution if you intend use the kitchen for both cooking and eating.

3. Seating

Seating in kitchen

Eating in the kitchen is common, but not necessarily the most functional. A table area with chairs can get in the way and ruin the functionality of the kitchen. Instead, consider getting barstools around an island, or setting up a separate dining room. Otherwise, try and give the table and chairs their own separate space in the kitchen toensure they are not in the way.

4. Cookware

Cookware can be a major block to functionality in the kitchen. Old or incorrect cookware will make cooking more difficult. Look at getting the non-stick pan set from Circulon to reduce burnt food while cooking, as well as making pans easier to wash. Non-stick is great for this purpose and can make life a lot easier. Cookware sets come in different materials and sizes, allowing you to use them for different meals and purposes. Hard-anodized cookware can be less likely to change its shape over time and rust and stainless-steel pans and pots can be easier to clean. Some people also prefer ceramic cookware, which can make it easier to maintain a desired temperature – just make sure not to drop them! Cast iron materials are also an option.

5. Storage

kitchen Storage

Everything should have its own place. Make sure that essential items are easily accessible to the cook and that cupboards and shelves are located in convenient places. They should be easy to reach for adults and harder to reach for children, if they contain any dangerous objects. Sometimes, hanging storage solutions a bit lower can make it easier to reach everything in the back of the cupboard. Kitchens are usually designed to fit everyone, but not everyone is the same height. Very tall people may prefer cabinets to be higher to make them more convenient to use, while others may prefer to lower them.

When choosing a kitchen layout, think about how you like to work and how you intend to use the kitchen. Do you need a lot of space when cooking? Will you eat in the kitchen? How big does your fridge need to be and how can you make sure that it’s not in the way? Would you like to include a kitchen island? These are all things you could ask yourself when planning a functional kitchen.

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