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Hansa Latrava faucet : Art in motion!

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Ever thought a luxury car designer will create a faucet for your home? Bruno Sacco, the former head of Mercedes Benz design in collaboration with Octopus Design has made a big splash with Hansa Latrava, a water faucet that gives your bathroom a unique and sophisticated look!

hansa latrava1

What’s different?
Peerlessly designed faucet with sideways waterfall effect that tapers down into a well-targeted spot in the sink itself, the simplicity of the temperature controls and the water adjustment of the faucet adding to the clean lines and unique shape, LED water temp indicators and an on/off button are the smart attributes that make this faucet compelling enough to be taken home. Steal a quick look at the images and you’ll understand what I mean when I say – it’s an art in motion!

hansa latrava2

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Via: Mocoloco