How Often Should You Clean Your Home

How Often Should You Clean Your Home

Many people are saddled with a full schedule of responsibilities making cleaning the house a difficult task to maintain. Often the weekend is consumed with chores from the previous week when things were let to build up.  This often leads us to think how often should you clean your home to save time and energy.

While the new week starts with a tidy house, things begin to pile up again close to the middle of the week with the mail, the dishes, and the laundry. When Friday comes around, there’s another disaster waiting to monopolize more of your free time.

There should be an easier way, a schedule preventing wasted weekends or a professional service like Peak Cleaning, to take the load away.

It can appear challenging when there isn’t another free minute in the average day, but it’s faster and easier than you might believe. In the same way time management skills are incorporated into other aspects of everyday life, that needs to be the same mindset with household cleaning.

Consider performing these daily activities; after a while, they’ll become second nature, part of your routine, a habit. They won’t even feel like a chore. Then by the weekend, you might have little left to do. What will you ever do with your free time?

Home Cleaning: How Often Should You Deep Clean?

When you handle a few cleaning habits each day, keeping a house exceptionally clean is possible. Then when it comes time to do a deeper, heavier bout of cleaning, it’s not so bad. Some people will invest more time roughly once a month, while others prefer to do a deep clean twice yearly in the spring and fall.

There’s not one definitive method that will necessarily work for everyone, but there are tips and tricks when you don’t have much time to devote. Scheduling daily, weekly, or monthly tasks should be prioritized to avoid repeating chores unnecessarily.

Deep cleaning the whole house every day is unwarranted, as is investing hour upon hour with a heavy clearing out. When you break it down into a schedule throughout the year you can cut down on what you need to do in the spring and fall.

Go to for guidance on deep cleaning your home, and then look at these helpful hints.

·         Keep the floors and surfaces free of clutter

When you come home in the afternoon, do a walk-through to ensure nothing is collecting on the floor. The items lying around should be picked up and appropriately placed. Then inspect all the surface areas to find things out of their respective locations and put them back where they go.

Cleaning can take much longer when a build-up of items has grown to great proportions scattered around the house, ultimately taking considerable time to sort and put away. If you handle this each day, there will be minimal amounts to sort, and it will only take minutes compared to hours at the end of the week.

·         Develop a schedule to Clean Your Home

Why clean the same spaces each weekend but neglect others, saving them for the “heavy” clearing out when you can set up a schedule that allows you to do all of it in daily, weekly, and monthly increments?

As you clear clutter from the surfaces daily, you can sanitise and wipe down what’s considered high-traffic spaces, like kitchens, including the countertops, doorknobs, throughout the laundry area, and bathrooms. These areas will be easy to do because you do them each day.

Weekly you can wash linens such as towels, and bedclothes, dust throughout the home, sweep/mop flooring, and scrub the shower/tub. Every month, inventory the home to toss out expired goods, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and medications.

·         Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning

When cleaning, it’s essential to prioritize cleaning the tools you use to clean so that when it’s time to clear out again, these are sanitised and ready for the next round. That’s especially true when washing down the kitchen and bathroom areas. Click here for bathroom and kitchen cleaning tips and tricks.

You want to entirely disinfect these spaces, so you work in these rooms daily with only the tub/shower done weekly.

In these rooms, you’ll want to start from the top, working down and from “left to right,” essentially moving out of the space, not missing any surface or knocking dust onto an already cleaned one.

·         Any place that fingertips might touch

When cleaning, A good rule is to consider where someone might have touched a surface, including handles, knobs, and light switches, as you work in the kitchen and bathroom. These are often the areas that are forgotten. Mirrors are an item that is usually neglected as well.

When starting in the room, the lighting fixture or ceiling fan is first up since you’ll start at the top. If there’s a window in the room, it will be washed down weekly inside and out with water and a squeegee along with the sill.

Also done weekly will be the tub/shower in the bathroom and, in the kitchen, inside the oven, fridge, and microwave.

·         The drains need routine maintenance

Every month, as a preventive measure, pour half/half a cup of white vinegar and baking soda in the drains to set for half an hour, followed by hot water to flush, ridding them of grime and grease that might have built up in the system

·         The toilet should be disinfected

A mixture suggested for sanitising the toilet includes “a cup of baking soda, 15 drops of each essential oil – tea tree and either orange or lemon.” This mixture should settle for roughly half an hour and then scrubbed as usual before flushing for sparkling results.

·         Disinfecting as you go when you Clean Your Home

A disinfectant solution should be sprayed on all surfaces in the kitchen and then in the bathroom, including the sink and toilet, where it will sit. At the same time, you go back to the kitchen and begin wiping down the surfaces, including the worktops, fridge exterior, stovetop, and dishwasher exterior.

Then return to the bathroom and do a wipe down. In each space, the washing will include all the areas mentioned where fingers touch.

·         Sweep and mop or vacuum

Some people choose to vacuum up tiles or hardwoods or sweep; you can do either and then damp mop over the flooring or wash down on your hands and knees to ensure you get every spot, especially in the bathroom where it’s difficult to reach.  Behind the toilet, under the vanity, and other nooks and crannies require special care.

Final Thought on how often to clean your home

While the daily schedule sounds a bit involved, you essentially touch-clean these spaces. Doing this repeatedly daily will soon develop into a habit with increasing speed. The weekends will require only a few deeper cleans, like inside the appliances and the shower, and the windows, done. And monthly inspections and inventory. Then when it’s officially time for spring and fall clear out, you’ll be able to speed through because you keep it caught up all year long.

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