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How to repair bathroom sink


How to repair bathroom sink

Fixing your bathroom plumbing problems, especially the sink can be time consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, there are many ways that can guide you to repair a bathroom sink all by yourself. These tips are so easy that even a beginner can also accomplish without much preparation or training. If you have a leaking sink trap or a clogged sink, then this list of instructions can help you fix that.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time required: It depends upon the skill and proper techniques used by the person


1. Wire hanger

2. Drain cleaner

3. Washers

4. Plunger

5. Wrench/pliers

6. Auger

7. Bucket


1. If your bathroom corner sink is facing any problem regarding the water going down slowly, then you can try using a chemical drain cleaner. Avoid using the chemical drain cleaner, in case you have a
completely clogged sink.

2. To unclog a bathroom sink, you can also use a plunger. Throw out the gathered water and place the bowl of the plunger over the drain while pushing the plunger pole upside down to unblock the drain.

3. If plunging the drain doesn’t work then you can insert an auger cable into your bathroom sink. Keep moving the cable into the pipe till the time it hits the material causing clogging. Now, extend one additional foot of cable and stiffen the auger screw while smoothly cranking the auger handle until you free the drain.

4. If using an auger didn’t work, then place a bucket under you sink trap and use the plunger. With the help of a wrench or pliers, loosen the nuts on the trap. After you have loosened the nuts, take out the trap and let the water from the pipe fall into the bucket. Now, use your hands or wire hanger to get rid of any material you find, and place the trap back together.

5. If you have a leaking bathroom sink trap then fix it by tightening the screws over the trap with the help of pliers or a wrench. If it doesn’t work, then release the nuts to separate the trap and swap the old washers with new washers. After replacing, set the trap back together.

6. You can even fix the sink stopper if it lets the water trickle out of the basin. Study the diagram of the sink and use pliers to release the screws. Flatten the clevis, fill the hole and move the rod upwards to lower the stopper. When done with positioning the stopper, re-tighten the screw.

Quick tips

1. It is advisable to plug the sink’s overflowing drain with wet rags before you start plunging it.

Things to watch out for

Don’t ever use a plunger after using a chemical drain cleaner into it. If you mistakenly splatter water on your skin while plunging the sink, it may cause severe chemical burns or irritation.