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How to buy wine glasses

Wine is a ideal drink for snobs, because every aspect of drinking wine has some associated customs and norms. Experienced wine drinkers can tell you, how easily you can ruin your expensive wines because of some carelessness or lack of knowledge. Wrong pairing, incompatible glasses and sometimes even wrong choice of timing can bring down your wine experience. Wine glasses come in so many sizes and shapes, thus it is very easy to get confuse once you are in wine glasses section of any well equipped store. Where some glasses are long while some are small. Some are tall and slender, on the other hand, some are short and rounded goblet. How to choose your kind of wine glass? Which wine glass will suit your personality?How to go and buy them? All these answers are here; check out in the following steps.

Complexity Level: Basic

Time required: 5-10 minutes

Estimated cost: $5-$25 for a set of six

Resources required:

  1. Credit card/ cash money
  2. Internet access if you want to purchase online


1: Check the material of the glass:

  • The first thing that you should take care of, while buying wine glasses, is its material. Check the material of which these wine glasses are made of.
  • Watch out that the glass is plain and clear, as it is not only the wine that adds to the pleasure, it is its color too. So, the glasses which are made up of frosted glass or solid material, do not opt for them. They will kill the enjoyment. You can also check for dishwasher safe glasses, in case you want them for casual use. And if you plan to use the same glasses for any formal party then you can buy cut crystal or delicate brown glass.

2:Check the size of the glasses:

  • While buying wine glasses, put an extra look into the size of the wine glass.
  • Make sure that they have the adequate size to hold sufficient amount of the drink. Also make sure that it has enough space, so that the wine poured in can be swirled to enhance its appreciation.
  • Do not opt for very tiny glasses as they only give space to the wine.

3: Choose a glass which has a stem

  • Choose a glass which has a stem. This is not because that the glass will look elegant, but it has more advantages. A stem in your wine will give you a space to hold your glass. You will never want to hold them with your greasy fingers and cover the wine poured in it. A professional wine taster will hold a glass by the stem or the base. Also if you cover the glass with your fingers then the temperature may affect the wine in it.

4: Aesthetic design is important:

  • With all the above points, you know how to buy your kind of wine glass. But one thing still remains, which is also very important. Give attention to the design of the glass. It should be narrower at the top and then the bowl at the base. It is because, when you will swirl the wine to release its aromas, the narrower aperture will help the aromas to concentrate near the nose, so that you can enjoy your drink at its best.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Which are the glasses for red wine?

If you are drinking red wine then use wide bottom glasses as they help in absorbing the aromas in a better way.

2. Which are preferred for Champagne and sparkling wines?

For drinks like Champagne and sparkling wines, you always go for flute wine glasses. Also make sure the glass has a crystal clear view.

Quick tips:

  • Make sure that your glasses are always washed after every use.
  • Store your wine glasses in a standing upright position in a safe and odor free corner.

Things to watch out for:

  • Always remember not to put your delicate glass stemware into the dishwasher.