How to Clean After a Home Renovation

How to Clean After a Home Renovation

A home renovation can be a long and tedious process. But once it’s completely done, you get to enjoy a new and better-looking property. After the project is done and all the work has been finished, you still have some things to do before you can fully enjoy the new space. One of them is to clean the entire area properly.

Every home renovation requires the use of different construction materials, tools, and utilities. This also means there’s going to be a lot of mess once the contractors are done with their work. Contractors aren’t obliged to clean their mess. You must do it yourself or rely on another set of professionals from Texas Xtreme Clean San Antonio and others to do the cleaning.

Before you enjoy and relax in your newly decorated space, you should clean it up first by following the tips below: 

1. Vacuum Everything

Wireless vacuum cleaner used on carpet in room

The first thing you’ll notice upon walking into a newly-renovated space is there’s a lot of mess and dust. Unless stated in the contract, your contractors will just casually sweep the floor and leave the rest of the cleaning to you. And even if they go above and beyond to protect your property as they do their job, you can still bet that dust is going to accumulate on everything. That’s why the first thing you should always do after a home renovation is to vacuum the entire property.

Obviously, you’re going to start vacuuming the floors, walls, and furniture, but you should stop there. You must also focus on those areas and corners of your space you don’t usually clean. Feel free to use any type of vacuum cleaner that you like as long as it gets the job done. 

2. Wipe Everything

Once you’re done vacuuming the entire space, the next thing to do is to wipe down everything. Start with the walls by dry-dusting them, especially if they have a fresh coat of paint. You can also use old damp clothes to get the job done. Just make sure you check the type of new paint that you have on your walls before you start wiping.

Once you’re done with the walls, you can proceed with the moldings (if you have them). Dust particles can easily accumulate on moldings too. After that, do the kitchen cabinets, shelves, tables, and furniture. Finally, mop all the floors in your house. 

3. Check The Vents And Air Filters

Person removing an old dirty air filter from a ceiling intake vent of a home HVAC system. Unclean gray square furnace air filter being taken out of a ceiling air vent.

The air you breathe after a home renovation can be quite dangerous as it can be contaminated with chemicals and dust particles. This can compromise the health of your family and may lead to respiratory problems, so you should never forget to check the vents and air filters after renovation.

Check the vents and clean them out, especially after a major remodel. Remove them and get them cleaned thoroughly once all construction work is done. This is to avoid dust particles from spreading throughout your house. Air filters should also be taken out and replaced with new ones so there’s a good amount of oxygen in your home. 

4. Clean The Rest of Your Property

It’s important to clean all areas and corners inside your house. This includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and other parts of your property. Be sure to clean all the items in your house as they’re sure to have accumulated a lot of dust after the renovation.

You must clean all these areas so you can fully relax and enjoy the comfort of your newly-renovated space. Grab a piece of damp cloth or two and start cleaning everything such as windows, small electronic appliances, decorative items, wall decors, and others. Don’t forget your lighting fixtures such as light bulbs as well as doorknobs and handles.

Take out all the garbage and any construction waste left behind your contractors. You can also buy scented air fresheners to create a fresh atmosphere in your home. 

Final Thoughts

Any homeowner who has done a major renovation knows that cleaning up after all the work is done isn’t an easy task. However, you can never ignore its significance during the post-renovation process. Home renovation projects can leave a lot of toxic chemicals and dust particles on your property. Therefore, you should dedicate a large amount of time to cleaning your house properly. If you don’t know where to start, just follow these tips. You’ll never enjoy the new aesthetics and comfort that your newly-renovated can bring if you don’t clean it. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

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