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How to decorate your nursery

Room for your new born baby or popularly called baby nursery is an important room in your house, specially when you are going to have a baby. Decorating this room and converting it into a cozy and beautiful nursery is a memorable experience. You need to ensure that the nursery has the correct furniture and is decorated with the right equipment which will keep your baby happy and safe. Here are some simple steps by which you can decorate a nursery so that your new guest will grow up and live in a room that he or she will remember all their lives.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time required: 18-24 hours

Estimated cost: $400 to $600

Resources required:

  1. Baby bedroom furniture
  2. Crib with its attachments and accessories
  3. Wall paint or wallpaper with colorful designs or pictures of cartoons
  4. Wall hanging toys


1. Decorate the color of the room based on the sex of your child:

You can start with deciding the color of your child’s room depending whether it is a boy or a girl. If you have a baby boy you can decorate it with blue colored things and masculine toys and if it is a girl then you could get pink colored furniture and toys like dolls for her. You can also try a unisex decoration in case you plan to have more than one child in that room.

2. Decide on the theme of the decoration:

You can decorate a room with various themes like Jungle theme or Galaxy theme or Nursery rhymes characters.

3. Select appropriate child furniture:

Select the furniture from a baby store. Make sure the furniture is rounded on all edges so that it is safe for the baby to stay in it or around it. Ensure that the cupboards and the shelves are well placed and out of reach of the child so that it does not create a mess.

4. Take a bigger crib and bed:

The crib should be a big one as babies grow very fast. It should be spacious and not make the baby feel left out. The bed which replaces the crib can be moderate in size with safety measure on all sides that prevents the baby from falling down.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What could be the correct furniture that a baby needs in the nursery?

A moderate size cupboard, a shelf to keep baby books, a crib or bed, a stool or small table to keep things on while feeding the baby or playing with it.

2. What could be the various themes which can be implemented in the nursery?

Nursery Rhyme characters, Jungle animals, Fruits or cartoons.

3. What colors can be used on the walls for a unisex theme room decoration?

Colors like violet, light green, sky blue can be used.

Quick tips:

1. If you are unaware about the sex of the baby, you can decorate the room in a unisex theme which goes well with both a girl and a boy.
2. If you are confused with the style to be used in decoration, you can refer to various magazines on baby room decoration or consult people who have already got their nurseries decorated.
3. Go through many pictures and finalize a theme and color of the nursery.
4. Always decide on a theme and then buy the furniture accordingly.
5. Don’t forget to take the measurements of the furniture before buying it so that it fits into the room correctly and doesn’t make it look overcrowded.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Use furniture which is made of soft wood and has rounded edges.
  2. Test the crib before buying it and make sure that the safety panels on the side are not loose.
  3. Do not place the bed in such a place that things can fall on it, like books from a shelf.
  4. Don’t settle for a cheap stuff. Spend a little more time to get a good quality furniture and material used in the nursery.

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