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How to Find Awesome Handyman to Personalize Your House?

Find Awesome Handyman to Personalize Your House

After you purchased your new home, many are dreaming of personalizing it according to their preferences. When changing the home environment, it is important to find an awesome contractor or handyman.

If your new home features a crawl spaceit would be best if you will find a handyman for crawl space cleaning in Bellevue WAThis post aims to help you find an awesome handyman. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep reading.

When you found a great contractor or handyman, your friends will feel envious of you. Keep in mind that your friends, relatives, and anyone around you have their bad experience with a contractor. Consider asking one of them, and you’ll find out.

Of course, you don’t want to experience the same horror they experienced with a handyman. That’s why you need to be more cautious when looking and hiring a contractor. Take note that your decisions make the results.

1. Ask Your Realtor

asking RealtorFirst things first. Consider asking your realtor when finding a good handyman. For many years in the industry, realtors have dealt with several handymen and crawl space contractors. This means that they can provide you different referrals. Realtors are considered to be your best agent for a long time, and they always want the best for you. That’s why you can ensure that their referrals are always good.

2. Find a Handyman on Yelp

Yelp is one of the best sites that offer relevant reviews for different services and products. This means it is very likely that there is a chance for you to find a reliable contractor or handyman on this site. In some cases, some customers share their negative service with a service or product on Yelp. This is mainly because individuals have an urgent feeling to post something bad about the product or service that did not meet their satisfaction level.

In connection to that, you need to take a close look at the type or characteristic of a person who did the review. Take note that Yelp is an open site. This means that anyone can post anything about it. Make sure to be a wise homeowner, especially when looking for a contractor on sites like Yelp.

3. Look at Angie’s List

handymanUsing Angie’s List enables you to search for a handyman in different ways. We recommend you not to consider a handyman that is listed on Angie’s list under coupons and promotions. This is because these companies paid for their promotion. But rather, consider searching for an awesome handyman that is located near you. You can also broaden your miles until you have found a contractor with good reviews from real users.

If you will prefer this step, make sure that you will look for a company that has A-rated reviews. Just like Yelp, you need to read and understand the reviews left by the customer and decide whether it had helped you or not.

4. Bulletin Boards

At times local message board or sites also have recommendation for preferred. As these recommendations come from the people who have used it, these are valuable and can be trusted.

5. Online Directories

checking Online DirectoryThere are various online directories like yellowpages.com, thumbtack which can be used to find the skilled handyman or contractor. 


Those are only some of the steps you may consider when finding a good handyman.

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