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Commercial Building Design Trends to Watch

Commercial Building Design Trends

Commercial real estate investment hinges on a lot of factors for success. One attribute many investors don’t consider about the buildings they invest in is their design. Sure, a basically appealing design will do the trick for most commercial or industrial buildings, but high-level investors should pay attention to emerging design trends to snag a piece of the hottest properties. These are four of the design trends with the greatest staying power.

1. Energy Efficiency

Green designPaul Daneshrad and other lauded investors recognize that consumers and companies alike are realizing the value of green construction. Many new buildings are employing new building techniques, designs and materials that are more environmentally friendly and in many cases more efficient than traditional means. Green designs can even save property owners and tenants money on bills due to their multi-faceted efficiency.

2. Collaborative Layouts

In office spaces and other commercial buildings, designers are doing away with cramped breakrooms so employees can break out of the water cooler huddle and collaborate in open spaces whenever they feel like it. Great designers consider natural lighting, sound dampening and other elements to craft spaces where employees can relax into their best thinking spaces.

3. Flexible and Modular Workspaces

Modular WorkspaceDesigners are also catering to the wealth of work preferences different employees have. While some people work just fine in a cubicle, others need the option to move around or work in the company of others. Many new buildings do the utmost to offer the best of both world, offering employees a choice of how to work. Some even employ a modular system so employees can adjust their surroundings to suit their mood.

4. Smart Tech

Smart and connected technologies have made their way into almost every part of our lives, so it makes sense that the next frontier is building them into commercial real estate. Smart integrations like digital whiteboards and smart-connected conference rooms make it easier for employees to collaborate and improve productivity. Other forms of smart tech address energy efficiency, like smart glass. Smart glass can automatically respond to light conditions to provide optimal natural light for employees while reducing air conditioning costs due to better-regulated heat.

If you’re considering investing in a newer or renovated commercial real estate space, advanced building design may not be at the forefront of your deciding factors. However, it’s always smart to pay attention to new trends so you don’t overlook a good deal when you find one.

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