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How to find the best TV stand for your TV size

For your living room to be attractive, the furniture in it has to be perfect. Your TV stand, being one of the pieces of furniture in your living room, has to serve the purpose of holding the TV as well as attract everyone’s attention. A good TV stand will keep your TV stable and make viewing comfortable.

In the past, buying a TV stand was easy. However, with the proliferation of different designs and models in the market, the process has become more daunting. With the right tips, however, it is possible to demystify the process and make it more enjoyable. Here are some tips that will help you to get a new throne for your TV.

Width of the Stand

The width of your TV is one of the main factors you need to consider when getting a TV stand. Ideally, a good TV stand is one whose width is about 2-3 inches longer than the base of the TV. This will help minimize the chances of knocking the screen off the position. Additionally, it will be easier for you to reach the back and make any necessary adjustments when the need arises. A full stand will prevent your setup from feeling unbalanced or too ‘top heavy.’

Furthermore, when considering the width of your TV stand, it is essential to think about the layout of the room where you expect to place the TV. You need to look at the presence of other pre-existing features such as the doorway or fireplace that affect the width. Additionally, find the maximum space that you would like the TV setup to occupy in the room. This will help you evade unhappy surprises once you place your new TV stand in your house.

Strength of the Stand

Your TV is one of the most valuable items that you will have in your house. For this reason, when getting a TV stand, ensure that you get one that will not compromise the security of the TV. This means that you should check whether the prospective stand is capable of holding the weight of your TV. When buying the stand, most of them will have a maximum weight bearing load indicated. If this is not mentioned, consult the attendant before purchasing to ensure that you buy the right stand for your TV.

Remember that the maximum weight carrying capacity indicate may not be necessarily accurate. For this reason, you should consider stands such as best buy TV stands whose load capacity is way above the weight of your TV. Though accidents are almost inevitable, a stand with a good carrying capacity will help minimize the chances of accidents on this great asset.

Height of the Stand

While there are various types of TV stands in the market today, most of them have different heights which you choose according to your preference. Ideally, the center your TV should match the line of sight of the viewers. For this reason, it would not harm to take your time and measure the exact height of your prospective stand. You could consider getting an adult TV watcher and ask them to take up their usual watching spot to help you get the exact height of your stand. Simply measure the distance between the floor and the bridge of the viewer’s nose.

Additionally, it is also a thoughtful consideration to wall mount your TV. This is an excellent option, as you will get the height you want for the TV users in your house. Moreover, doing so will give you a chance to free up the stand surface for other uses.

Features of the Stand

Flat-panel TV stands have a wide range of styles with different feature sets. Determining the right features for your TV is a walk in the park. All you need to know is the primary use of your television and components you need for your set if any. For instance, in case you are a casual TV viewer, and you use your TV to watch broadcast shows, a simple stand with a cable box slot will serve you right.

On the other hand, if you are more involved in your TV, for instance, through home theaters, there are more features for you to look for. Go for a stand that has more compartments: enough for all AV components. Additionally, the stand should have enough space for center and front speakers. The stand should also be big enough and look tidy even with the many cables and connections involved.

Material of the Stand

When selecting the material of the stand, there are several factors to consider. For instance, if you have modern décor in your house, a glass or metal TV stand would be an excellent choice. However, if your home is more traditional, go for a stand made of wood and with a luxurious finish. This could be either engineering wood such as plywood or particle board. Genuine woods such as hardwood and softwood are also good options for a TV stand in a traditional house.

Most television stands in the market today are made of a combination of glass and metal. Considering a TV stand made of a metal like aluminum, steel, or iron will be an excellent choice. This is not only because of the good looks but also strength and durability. Furthermore, opt for a stand with tempered glass shelves to help amplify the safety.


TV stands are some of the unsung heroes yet essential commodities in your house. Not only do they add décor to your home but also act as a habitat for your television. For this reason, picking the right TV stand to purchase should not be a hasty decision. With the massive selection of TV stands in the market today, selecting the best TV stand for your TV size may not be a cup of tea. Consider the tips above and get to purchase the perfect stand for your TV.

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