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How to Stay Safe When Tackling Home Renovation Projects


Home renovations are a huge business, and in many cases it’s homeowners who are doing the work. In 2017, with the economy finally taking a turn for the better, it seemed as though homeowners were more than ready to take on those DIY projects. Homeowners are feeling like they have more equity in their homes now that the market has leveled out, so taking on those projects makes sense. Of course if they can do the project themselves, and save money in the process, then they are even more inclined to go ahead with their plans.

With that said, there should be a focus on safety. Sure, home renovations can seem relatively straight-forward, but there are tips that every homeowner should be using in order to stay safe. Here’s a look at the top safety tips to keep in mind at all times.

Wear Protective Eye Gear

Equipment and Safety

Eyes are something that most people take for granted, that is until they suffer an eye injury. In severe cases, eye injuries can leave irreversible damage and even cause blindness. This isn’t something you want to take a chance with, which is why protective safety goggles should be used when tackling home renovation projects. Even if you are just doing something simple like painting, it’s still wise to protect your eyes.

Safety goggles will protect your eyes from debris, dust, dirt, chemicals and sharp objects. They don’t interfere with your vision in the least bit, in fact they can help ensure that your vision stays clear.

Wear a Mask When Necessary

There may also be times when you should be wearing a mask to protect your lungs. This is important when doing a lot of sanding, spray painting, or even regular painting, if the fumes are strong. Whenever possible it’s a good idea to have windows open while you work to allow for optimum ventilation.

Use Ladders Wisely


Ladders are an essential piece of equipment when doing home renovations, but unfortunately they can also be a big safety concern. In order to prevent a serious fall, you may want to follow the “ladder rules”. The general rule is that for every four feet of your ladder, the bottom part of it should be one foot away from a wall or the spot it is leaning against. You need to ensure you have a 75% incline in order for it to be safe. Also, you should always have a spotter when climbing a ladder.

Clean Up as You Go

Because home renovations tend to be messy, you’re going to end up with all kinds of debris, dirt, and tools scattered on the floor. This kind of mess can act as a tripping hazard, or worse you could find yourself stepping on a nail or sharp object. This is why it’s a good idea to clean up as you go, making sure the floor stays as clear as possible.

Take Your Time and Be Aware of Your Surroundings

wallsThe final tip for homeowners is to take your time and always be aware of your surroundings. Rushing through projects can not only result in mistakes, but it can also end up causing injuries and accidents.

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