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Hush seating pod to allow you some quality time all alone

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Amid the clamor of your home, how many times have you desired a place for yourself? You might have craved for some seclusion wherein you could reflect upon your ideas and still manage to keep an eye on your bickering kids. Well, that is possible now. With the advent of Hush, a pod like chair designed by design school graduate Freyja Sewell, you will be able to sit and relax alone in the middle of your house. The chair, made from felt, is so designed that it can totally encapsulate the body of the user. Still, a slit remains to allow the user to peep around as well.

Hush converts itself into a regular spacious chair also. The chair looks lovely with a red seating mat and round cushions of the same grey color. When asked about Hush, Freyja explained that she has tried to make this ‘secluded in mob’ style chair because with the ever increasing population, space is dwindling for people. Created for such difficult situations, Hush can come to our rescue. So now, you can quickly nestle yourself in the Hush and can continue thinking without being disturbed by loud noises and cheery remarks.

Seating Pod

By creating a wrapped space, Hush provides a personal and secluded corner in the midst of all hullaballoo. In a nutshell, Hush is a welcome place for people who want to be all alone for sometime. The pod is expected to be produced by winters of this year.

Via: FastCoDesign