Increase efficiency of your office HVAC


Energy efficiency is a magic wand to have. While on one hand you save money, on the other hand you do your bit for the ailing environment. Now in a situation such as this we are all concerned about the efficiency and performance of our appliances. Air conditioning is one such unit that consumes a lot of electricity taking a toll both on our pockets and the environment. Particularly the much larger office units consume too much electricity but there are some tips which if followed will help in making these more energy efficient. In this article we will be telling you how to increase efficiency of your office HVAC so that you can enjoy better cooling at a cheaper price.

Some tips to increase efficiency of your office HVAC

  1. Update and retrofit the appliance:
    The older units are naturally weary and need a lot of mixing and servicing. If you are faced with a situation where you are fixing one of these old units a bit too much, you might consider the updating and retrofitting of the device. This will give you better energy efficiency as well as better cooling. In fact one of the main reasons that so many people are unable to get the best out of their air conditioners is because this option is often skipped by them. This however is very important to increase efficiency of your office HVAC.
  2. Have better thermostat controls: We are all faced with situations where we forget to turn off our electrical devices. In the offices there often is a situation wherein someone forgot to turn off the device before leaving. The solution to this and to still enjoy better cooling is to have proper thermostat controls and smart controls. These are automated and motion censored such that their timing and functionality depends on the presence of people. Such devices thus can then turn themselves off even if you do forget it yourself. If you want to boost air conditioner performance it is wise indeed to have the best thermostat that you can get your hands upon.
  3. Upgrade to more energy efficient ratings: The star ratings on the appliances are extremely important. They determine how much energy you are going to save while running of the device. In this particular case the initial investment is more and many people back off and buy less energy efficient devices. Always remember that the better star rating will help you save a lot of your hard earned money later on. Even if you are looking to make a change from your current device, we suggest that you pick one that has the best star rating.
  4. Make sure to not leak air: You may have put in all your efforts to increase efficiency of your office HVAC. It may be one of the best in the markets and may give you the best of performance. Even then the energy efficiency will not be good enough if you are leaking air continuously. Thus you need to ensure that everything is well sealed and none of the cool air is escaping. If this is properly implemented it would improve energy efficiency by leaps and bounds.
  5. Keep the flow uninterrupted:
    So many times some of the office furniture or curtains get in the way of the vents oozing cold air. This obstructs the path of the air and the cooling is not to the best of its abilities. Try to keep all the big furniture and curtains out of its way and you can expect to increase efficiency of your office HVAC if you follow these simple instructions.
  6. Change the air filters when necessary: The main task of the air filters is to absorb all the dust that comes up with the air. Thus from time to time it needs to be replaced with a fresh one. Many people tend to go on and on with these air filters but you must remember that by doing so you are only affecting your long time investments. So, in order to increase efficiency of your office HVAC you must change the air filters as soon as you can get your hands on one.
  7. Set the right temperatures. It is an open secret that you all know the constant fluctuations of temperatures and how it affects temperatures around you. If you want everyone to be comfortable with the temperatures set, you must comply through the average and set up a plan that will help you and others by keeping that temperature. For instance a temperature of 58-72 is perceived as more comfortable. These are all the various temperatures at which if you place someone he has a good chance of catching a cold from such abrupt changes.
  8. Buy the best brands: In today’s day and age nothing is a secret. So even while planning the purchase, you know the brands on offer and what features they provide. Do your research properly and get to know every minute detail that you need to listen to? Pick the most reliable and trustworthy brand in the market known to produce goods that are eco friendly. The best brands also ensure the best of planning on ways to increase efficiency of your HAVC.
  9. Place it at the top of the room: This is because the cold air, being heavier, descends. So you need something extra as an idea. Try to position the devices such that the vent is at the top. This will help in a lot of ways, the most famous help being an even temperature being maintained in the room.

Final words

It is a goal for many offices and individuals to boost air conditioner performance. Yet somehow this goal is not materialized in many cases. With these tips that you read about in this article we can stand guarantee that you will be successful to improve energy efficiency in your appliance. Let the planet be greener and also enjoy on the extra money you would save.

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