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Six innovative toilet seat designs to perk up your bathroom

Innovative toilet seats

We always try to give our home a new and stylish renovated look, why not focus on our bathrooms as well! We normally try to install the latest and best fittings like the shower and faucets but we never go in for innovative toilet designs. The main point of contention in sharing a toilet seat with other members in the family is the unpleasant state that you sometimes receive it in which makes you unable to use it! Soiled and wet condition of the toilet seat is a common menace which can now be resolved with the latest advancements happening in the world of toilet seats! Here are six amazing toilet seat designs that are bound to give your bathroom a unique look for sure and would also provide you with a pleasant experience of using a clean toilet seat!

1. Tabbed Toilet Seat

Tabbed Toilet Seat

Toilet Pages, designed by Jan Ctyrtnik, is an innovative tabbed toilet seat that is a perfect solution to the terrible problem of wet and soiled toilet seats. If your toilet is not up to the mark when you wish to use it this toilet seat can resolve the situation. In the Toilet pages, there are multiple tabbed toilet seat each with a single user. So, the next time you want to sit on the toilet, all you have to do is select your personal tabbed toilet seat which will be available in the clean state as per your choice.

2. Toilet Seat Scale

Toilet Seat Scale

The toilet seat scale is an innovative way to weight yourself before and after you relieve yourself. This confidence-building toilet seat makes you feel several pounds lighter when you get off it! However, this is still at the concept stage and would probably cost you a couple of thousand dollars when it comes out in the market! Though, it is as wonderful thought.

3. Thermochromic Toilet

Thermochromic Toilet

The Thermochromic toilet seat is an acrylic-based toilet seat that contains ink that is sensitive to heat. The ink changes the color of the toilet seat when it reaches a temperature of 36 degrees celsius, that is body temperature. Hence, when the user comes into contact with the toilet seat, the seat changes color. This change of color remains until the next user who can come to know whether the seat has been used previously or not. Designed by Peter Crnokrak this is a very innovative toilet seat for public toilets!

4. Pressalit toilet seats

Pressalit toilet seats

Pressalit is a very popular brand that makes innovative and trendy bathroom accessories that are made with the latest style and technology. The AutoClose is an amazing toilet seat that has an inbuilt sensor which opens the cover of the toilet when the user is near it. Likewise, the sensors present in the toilet seat closes the same when the user leaves the toilet. This intelligent Pressalit toilet seat cover does not slam when it closes the toilet. The other main feature of the AutoClose is that it is germs-free too!

5. Jammin’s Johns toilet seats

Jammin’s Johns toilet seats

Guitar enthusiasts will like this amazing toilet seat cover from Jammin’ Johns that is in the shape of a guitar. Now you can pretend to strum on your guitar as you sit on your toilet seat! You can get these guitar toilet seats in either metallic white or natural wood with design options such as piano or an electric guitar!

6. LED toilet seat

led toilet seat

This LED toilet seat cover is another add-on to the fast-catching craze for LED toilet peripherals like LED bathtubs, LED tiles and so on! This LED toilet seat cover called the Candy Throne is a design from OpenConcepts which features a LED glowing toilet seat in a flashy purple color that adds a lot of character to your bathroom. This toilet seat cover looks opulent and gives the humble toilet the appearance of a throne. Since it is in the shape of a throne with arm-rests, it adds on to more comfort too!