Moon ‘office’ room for your garden

moonroom 1

Roomworks, a company that specializes in eco-friendly architecture, has designed a tiny garden office room, ‘Moonroom’ that can be a source of inspiration for sustainable living. With insulated shell of 100mm SIPS walls, floors and an extensive roof it’s a completely green space for you all who want to utilize even the slightest of place in your house. Not everyone has those lavish gardens but whatever space is available in the garden you can definitely have a private space for yourself. It is even a better idea when you are too lazy to garden. The ‘Moonroom’ bases on the concept, ‘When you want more space and don’t want it to cost the earth.’ This is also the working title of the campaign. The company is also trying to make it affordable by bringing the price well under £5,000. Via: Re-nest

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