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Intenso: Weired table inspired from stress and tension



Raphael Volkmer


The designer, Raphael Volkmer, has come up with a unique concept of intensive table, Intenso. This table is not only the conservation of tactility, but also a usable and functional piece of handcraft. Although it may look like a little too weak to be used, it is actually perfect for home office uses.

What’s unique

People consider ‘tension’ as the most hazardous thing and a source of many life-taking diseases. However, the designer got the inspiration of making Intenso by the feeling of being ‘under tension’, which is an emotional tension associated with working situations. However, the table seems unstable because of the reduced sizes of tabletop and inverted L-legs. This table is stable and stressable because it has two tension belts and the stiffness of multiplex. These features make it a perfect piece for workspace furniture.

High points

The main feature of this table is the two tension belts, which hold the table at its place. The inverted L-legs make this table stand erectly at one place. This piece will definitely be an eye catcher at work place. This table can be used in the same way as a normal table is used.

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