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How to Kill Bees

Honey is very healthy syrup that has lots of good benefit to offer you. But often, the honey producers (bees) can become a threat to you and your family. Bees produce bee hives and in a bee hive you will find thousands of bees which can be really dangerous at times. There are lots of ways through which you can get rid of them. You can call pest control people who can take care of that but in that case you will have to pay little extra from your pocket. It is always good to know how to kill bees as this may help you to eliminate them instantly and you do not have to depend on anyone. If you notice bee hive in your house and want to remove it, here’s a guide that will help you in accomplishing the task. Be careful and follow the instructions.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time Required: 20 minutes

Resource Required:

1. Gloves

2. Protective head gear

3. Pesticides

4. Face mask


1. Best timings for this operation

If you want to eliminate bee hives, choose early morning or evening timing. This is the time when bees remain inactive and as a fact they do not feel to sting you.

2. Protect yourself first

Before gearing up for bee hive operation, wear head gear and also face mask. Wear gloves as you will have to touch poisonous insecticides. Covering your face will help you from the breathing the harmful chemical. Gloves, face mask and head gear also help you to prevent sting from bees. Though you are choosing a time when bees are less active, still you should take proper precaution to avert any eventuality.

3. Select the appropriate insecticides

In the gardening and hardware store, you will find lots of variety but you will have to choose the right one to kill the bee hive in your surrounding. The product that is labelled for bees, hornet and flying insects can be the right one for you.

4. Read the instruction and apply

In the product you will find instruction. Read those instruction thoroughly as there are different techniques to apply insecticides. Apply a small quantity to the opening of the hive and then cover the hive with insecticide. Vacate the place immediately after the spraying of insecticides. All the bees will be dead after some time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Few days before I have noticed ground nesting bees! How to get rid of them?

For ground nesting bees, there is a very simple solution and you can eliminate them with some home remedies only. Mix liquid soap detergent with water and spray this to the ground nesting bees. Vacate the place immediately.

Quick Tips:

  1. You can spray almond oil to the bee hive and plug the entrance of the hive in the late morning when most of the bees will be out. The almond oil helps killing the bees.
  2. If you locate bee hives in winter, before applying any insecticide examine the hive as extreme cold weather kills bees naturally.

Things To Watch Out For:

1. Never spray insecticides in windy conditions.

2. Avoid killing bees if you are allergic to venom. Pest control expert can be a god option in this situation.

3. Never use outdoor insecticide for indoor use as it is harmful for your family.

4. Do not allow kids to visit the bee hive as they might experience some painful string from the bees.