Knowing and identifying toxins in your home

We need to clean our body through detox diets and water therapy, as toxins keep accumulating within. In the same way, no matter how clean your home may seem apparently, it too accumulates harmful toxins. It is our duty to identify these toxins and then remove them from our house for the safety and good health of our family members.

You may wonder how you can identify toxins present in your home. Well, toxin can be present in many forms. Any harmful substance that is present in a higher percentage than normal is dangerous for your family. Toxins can cause cancer and other severe diseases. Here are some tips for finding toxins present in your home and getting rid of them.

Find signs of mold growth

 mold growth

Mold growth inside your house can pose serious threat to the health of your loved ones. Mold or mildew is one of the most common toxins that homeowners have to deal with in their home. Mold is nothing but a certain fungus that grows due to moisture on the walls and other parts of your home. If you do not remove or treat it in time, it can pose serious threat to the health of your family, other than ruining the structure of home itself.

You should minutely check areas that are generally prone to leakage. The molds are white, black or green in color. The odor of dampness also indicates mold growth. If you spot mold, then rub the area with bleach to clean it. Also, fix the leakage or mend the damp wall for preventing further damage.

Beware of Radon

 Beware of Radon

Radon is one of those gases that we can breathe without knowing, as it does not have any taste, smell or color. Thus, it is difficult to identify Radon’s presence in your indoor air. People breathe radon for a long period unwittingly and it damages their health beyond repair. The good news is that you can get your indoor air checked for radon and other harmful gases.

Before buying a home, you should definitely get the necessary tests done for ensuring quality of indoor air. Environmental Protection Agency has found that the radioactive breakdown of uranium present in soil, water and air cause radon pollution. After testing, if the result shows 4pCi/L or higher, then you have to install a radon reduction system at home.

Save your family from water contamination

 tap h2o

Water pollution and contamination can cause several epidemics. Make sure that the water you use at home for cooking, cleaning and drinking is safe. The tap water in many regions has high percentage of iron and led that can lead to severe health breakdown. More than 700 different pollutants have been found in the tap water. These toxins and pollutants can cause cancer and hypothyroidism.

Some common toxins that often enter the tap water are perflurochemicals, cadmium and PCBs. When you heat contaminated water for shower or bath, you can breathe the fume of contaminants. This will directly affect your health. Get a showerhead filter installed and drink water after purifying it at home.

Keep an eye on asbestos


Asbestos is another harmful toxin that can cause serious health damage, if present indoors. Mainly used until the 70s, it is essentially a type of fire retardant. Exposure to asbestos over a long period may cause lung cancer. Hire someone who is experienced in removing such old wires with caution.

Our homes can accumulate different types of harmful toxins, so be careful and look for the common toxins. Remove them in the safest way possible for protecting your family members.

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