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Light Gap Clock-Green innovation at its best!

light gap

There is nothing like going back in time and recollecting the lost memorabilia. All of us have various designs and models of watches and clocks. But how many of them make us nostalgic and yet contribute to the nature? Well, Prof. Yong Fangtian and a group of designers from Zhejiang University have done just that-created Light Gap,an eco-friendly clock which looks like a sun-dial. A clock which adheres to the window, all it has is a single gap in its surface which indicates the hour hand. Before you raise your eyebrows, this runs on solar energy. The sunlight enters the gap and indicates the hour during daytime. During the night, the LED rimmed gap illuminates.

However, the clock has some downsides. It is not a very reliable source of time and more of an ornate piece. Also, the unpredictable weather conditions and excessive pollution are factors which have been avoided. The initial cost of installation is quite high. But the reason why this deserves a thumbs up is because its a green product and uses the power of nature to the utmost. Besides this, it requires absolutely no maintenance apart from regular cleaning. Hope this eco-friendly innovation turns the other clocks ‘green’ with envy!

Via: Reddot

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