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Linda: A growth and flowering lamp for green fingered folks!

Linda growth and flowering LED lamp

Light up your vegetable garden with Linda – the latest in the collection of growth and flowering lamp. Based on the RGB LED grow light system, the light has been designed by Nicolò Edoardo Barlera. Linda, is structured both for indoor and outdoor use. To cater the purpose of growth and flowering, the light sports the feature of adjustable height.

Thereby, the light becomes useful right from the time of a sapling and extending it’s benefits till the sapling converts to a table. RGB LED technology powered, the light contains a dimmer which can help in signifying different growth phases. Linda, is made up of anodized aluminum for the simple fact that anodized aluminum is one of the most reflective surfaces.

Linda functions by giving out heat through concentrative light and thereby helping the plant to grow during the initial period of vegetable growth and flowering. One of the benefits of lights devised for the purpose of growth and flowering, is, that it much efficient. The increased efficiency level is achieved as the product just provides as much light as needed by the plant in the respective growth period.
Also, it produces less heat as compared to the normal HID light source.

Though, LED grow lights are mostly designed for indoor use, what gives a one up advantage to Linda is the ease with which it can accommodate itself to outdoor use as well. The intricately designed lighting device can prove to be a viable option for planting enthusiasts.
Via: Coroflot