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Magi Light dances to the tune of power switch

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If you are planning to give your home a face lift and you think you have exhausted the list of all home decor products that you need to change or update – then have a think again! Did you include switches in your list of things that need a face lift? I bet you did not! Never mind, now that you know, take a look at the Magi light switch concept by Liang Yun – you will be compelled to add it to your list.

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What’s different? Switches are one aspect of interior decorating that people do not change very often. But with talented designers around the globe we can expect some good changes and the Magi light switch is one of them. Turn the knob on the dial and the shades open in sync to reveal its glory and produce a meditative effect. Synchronized dance between the two creates a soothing effect. Sounds pretty neat!

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