How to Make a Dorm Room Your Best Place to Study

I have never been a fan of libraries or any other quiet areas or simply other places on campus where other people are studying. I remember I once joined a group of my classmates to go study in the library and I ended up staring at my book for hours. I realized that everyone has their perfect study environment and for me libraries just do not work.

Place to StudyI, therefore, set out to find a place where I could comfortably study or get my perfect study environment. I was reluctant not to study in my dorm room at first, because I believed that I would be tempted to sleep often. However, the day I tried it, I realized that it was the perfect study environment I was looking for. But you have to be careful because there are a million and one distractions in one’s dorm room.

So first eliminate any and all kinds of distractions. Then send an excuse text to your friends, especially those who never knock or understand the principles of privacy or courtesy. Keep your phone far away from you or turn it off. With the above and some more precautions, I discovered that I could perfectly study in my dorm room.

Is studying in the dorm room wrong?

There are those who believe and even try to persuade others that studying in the dorm room is wrong or that a dorm room can never be a student’s study room. Some people believe that studying in the dorm room is simply an easy way for one to fall asleep. People find dorm rooms too comfortable to study. This lot believes for you to study, you need to find a place where other people are studying or a quiet place.

Some people also suggest cafes, if you find the library too quiet. However, like I said before, everyone has their study habits and you need to know yourself first, if you are to find that perfect spot to do your studying. If you like noise or some noise, visit the cafe, if you like quiet visit the library, and if you like a combination of both and especially a place where you have control of what happens around you, then, like me you need to remain in your dorm room.

How to make your dorm room your perfect study spot?

As an essay writer, you need to find your niche and this also involves a place where you find yourself productive. Kindly consider the following points or tips on making your dorm room your perfect study spot:

  • Maintain a layout which is perfect for studying.

Before you plan your room, you need to know if you will be using your dorm room to study or not. You need to know if you prefer the library as your study environment or if you prefer your dorm room. If you prefer your dorm room, ensure the layout is set for studying or complements the studying you will be doing in the room. You will indeed have to compromise on some things, but if it works for you and your study patterns, stick with it.

  • Get a study desk to avoid the temptation of studying on your bed.

People who are against the idea of studying in the dorm room often cite the temptation of falling asleep. The truth is you can easily fall asleep and to avoid such a temptation of studying while you are on your bed, simply get a study desk. A study desk will indeed make it harder for you to fall asleep.

  • Ensure that your study space is neat.

A neat space will always mean an organized person and one who is serious about their studying. Therefore, neatly fold your clothes, keep away the snacks, and make your study table a place for studying only. Your study table should not be used for things other than studying. Keeping it neat will not only reduce the number of distractions, but will help you focus on studying alone.

  • Take control of your study environment.

Typically, people should not be studying in their dorm rooms. Therefore, you will find people with heavy stereo systems which they use, especially after you are done with your assignments. However, you do not have to be a victim. You can invest in noise-cancelling headphones to help keep the noise at a bare minimum while you focus on your studies.

  • With the help of your roommate, come up with some clearly stated study rules.

There will never be any kind of studying if there are no rules set. Rules are essential, especially if you have a roommate. If you both want to study in your room, you can formulate simple rules and ensure you adhere to them at all times. You have to be resilient and stick to the rules at all times if your aim is to study.

  • Eliminate any and all kinds of distractions.

In the dorm room, you are the boss and no one gets to tell you to keep quiet or to tone it down. Therefore, you ought to ensure you keep any and all kinds of distractions at a minimum. From the internet to your phone, even your friends, you have to keep a distance the minute you start studying. Distractions simply destroy the consistency you have been building, as well as the flow of ideas. Therefore, keep away from them.

  • Take breaks from time to time.

We understand your exams are around the corner and you want to take in as much as you can. However, this is never the perfect way of studying. Exhaustion is normal and it will not be wrong to take a few minutes off and, say, enjoy the sunlight. Take regular, but scheduled breaks.


In conclusion, studying in your dorm room is indeed possible. Create an ample and perfect environment for you to study and you will never have to visit the library again. However, as noted above, there are a few things you need to tweak or change if your dorm room will eventually be considered a perfect study environment. The above are simply a starting point and not necessarily the absolute way of making your dorm room a perfect study environment. Try the above methods and let us know if they worked or work for you.

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