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Medical homes technologies that can add value to a person’s health

AKA Patient centric/centered medical homes, the focus and concept of medical homes are to prevent the necessary assistance and to provide support to the patients and people in general. These homes are equipped with all the necessary features and facilities that are required to monitor the wellbeing of the patient. This is an effort, which acts more like a preventive and assistive service along with generating the necessary health data.

To provide better treatment and services to chronic and acute patients, regular monitoring is necessary. In comparison to healthcare centers and homes, the same is not applicable when a person is at home. The cost of hiring a healthcare service provider or professional is very expensive. Medical homes provide this support while reducing the cost of medical expenses.

Evolution of Medical homes       

Medical home is not a new concept. It was first introduced in 1967, the initial concept of medical homes was an effort that the American Academy of Pediatrics had set up. The reason behind this effort was to assist children with special needs.  As time passed by, it started venturing into special homes for chronic patients and elderly people so that they could all get the care and assistance that makes them feel better.

As time passed on, this concept started growing. It was introduced to various devices, and also to clothing and other such wearables. Now, even regular homes are changing with the introduction of necessary equipments, sensors, gadgets etc. The installation of these supportive devices is based on the requirements of the patients. They are user friendly and you don’t have to spend much time to operate them.

Today, Medical Homes are no more the homes the future. The dream is slowly turning into a reality. As time passes and science and technology advances, the need for such homes gives a huge support to healthcare professionals and providers. The data collected in the forms of readings helps them to understand what is going on with the patient. This gives them an idea of what kind of medical attention the patient needs. Let us have a look at some of the technologies or sensors that you may find in a medical home

Gait Monitors

good night’s rest

This is beneficial to track the walking patterns of a patient and make the relevant analysis based on the comparison of the readings. These monitors can also let a person know if the reason behind the limp or tell tale shuffling is due to a particular medical condition, a major concern or just a small problem which can be resolved by a good night’s rest. These sensors also help in the early detection of certain diseases. If these diseases are detected at early stages then one can take the necessary steps and prevent the condition from worsening.

Special guided technology for individuals with memory problems

memory problem

For people who have memory problems or even have a habit of forgetting, this will prove to be helpful. This type of technology can help in tracking the items that are pre programmed in the system. It includes car keys, coffee cups, eyeglasses, asthma pumps etc. The system can even go ahead and scan the entire body to ensure that the person has taken everything that she/he needs.

Your very own home vital signs reader

Heart rate monitor with Polar A370

This will be a boon for everybody since it can detect the various aspects of the body. This includes blood pressure reading, sugar reading, heart rate, blood analysis etc. It can also help to detect the condition of the lung based on the environment as well as check the quality of the air and make the necessary changes or purifications to ensure that the air is fresh and clean.

Special sensors for Dermatological needs

sensors for Dermatological needsImage Source :  internapcdn.net

With the help of 3D printing and scanning, detailed images of various parts of the body can be obtained. Comparing these images to images taken earlier will show if there are any particular changes in the body parts. It can also help in the detection of various skin related problems or diseases during their initial stages.

Bacteria evaluation Smart Bandages

Bacteria evaluation Smart BandagesImage Source : news.berkeley.

Another cool technology, smart bandages can be used to evaluate the type of bacteria that is inside a wound. It can also help in detecting the various risks or problems that can be incurred due to them. If there is a need, it can also alert the person to seek medical attention immediately to prevent further infection.

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