Creative ways to give your kitchen the traditional Spanish touch

The Spanish theme for kitchens is one of the popular choices among the people who are planning for renovation. The traditional style is making a comeback, so you can opt for the Spanish-inspired kitchen. In case you plan to renovate your kitchen, you can check the Spanish style kitchen for the innovate designs and ideas. This type of kitchen provides warm and welcoming surrounding. So if you want to remodel the kitchen with a traditional Spanish touch, then you can read the important tips discussed in this article.

What are the important elements of Spanish-inspired theme kitchen?

Spanish architectural designs and details are quite famous around the world. So, people are quite fascinated with the warm and rich details of the Spanish-themed interior, traditional interior designs, and use of dark wood in the kitchen design. Here are some of the important elements of Spanish theme for kitchens that you need to consider while renovating your kitchen.

  • Hand Painted Tiles: The hand-painted tiles add color and design to the backsplash of the kitchen. Usually, in Spanish style kitchen, the backsplash is coordinated with the kitchen cabinets.
  • Designer Arches: Roman architecture and designs have a great influence on the Spanish structure. So, designer arches are a quite popular among kitchen architectural patterns. These traditional designs will help you in decorating your kitchen with a Spanish look.
  • Visible Wood Ceiling Beam: This is another unique Spanish design where the wood ceiling beam is visible throughout the house.
  • Wrought Iron Interior: Spanish themed kitchen is impossible without the use of wrought iron in the kitchen interior.

Apart from these basic architectural elements, you must know about the latest trend while remodeling your Spanish themed kitchen.

What are the few tips on renovation for your new Spanish themed kitchen?

  1. Large Arched Open Kitchen: To give a traditional Spanish feel to your home, you need to have high ceilings and a large arch at the entrance of the open. Generally, the floors have terracotta titles with walls that are painted white. The use of solid Mahogany wood in the Spanish-themed kitchen is quite popular. So, if you choose the blend of modern and traditional Spanish design trend while remodling your kitchen then it will work wonders.
  2. Combination of different styles: The Spanish architecture has an amalgamation of different design and structures. You can keep Queen Anne style furniture in your kitchen-cum-dining. However, make sure that the furniture color is coordinated with the kitchen-top marble. If you are considering renovations for your new Spanish themed kitchen, then mixing of different styles will be a great option.
  3. Warm-tone kitchen: Bright wall colors along with teak wooden furniture will make the kitchens with a Spanish look a preferable choice among the new-age homemakers. The combination of these two can make your kitchen look very trendy. This type of warm ambiance is quite appealing to many homeowners.
  4. Rustic Spanish-themed kitchen: You can plan for a combination of a traditional element along with the detailing of the contemporary design. Start with the use of terracotta tiles on the floor to give it an appealing rustic Spanish-themed kitchen. Prefer the use of white paint on the wall to give a sense of space to the kitchen and to make other colors in the kitchen stand-out. Try to match the color of the wooden beam in the ceiling with the kitchen cabinet to make it more appealing.

Therefore, you need to consider the various elements and design ideas discussed in this article to give your kitchen the traditional Spanish touch.

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