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MIST washbasin concept promises to lower down your water consumption

Mist Washbasin-1

Leading Bathroom Products manufacturer, ROCA conducts an annual competition that invites designers from all over the world to submit their designs for new and interesting takes on bathroom appliances. MIST is one such entry in this year’s edition.

The pictures you see strewn all through this article are of one of the entries to Roca’s “Jump the Gap” design competition for a wash-basin cunningly named MIST. Just so we’re clear, this is a concept. It is not yet real.

Great, now that’s out of the way, you probably want to know what the fuss is all about. Well, it’s shaped like the number 7, with the top platform serving as the water outlet. Tilt it upwards and you will get more water. Now, the revolutionary thing about MIST is that along with looking good, it’s designed to conserve water with a cool mechanism that involves misting or evaporating the water once you’re done filtering out all the impurities and re-using it. But you never thought of doing that, eh? So, basically, you can wash your hands with the same water tons of times over and it’s as clean as you would like every single time.

Mist Washbasin-2

It’s some pretty sweet innovation and who knows, if the designers win Roca’s competition, you might just find an MIST wash-basin in your bathroom someday. Just make sure you don’t urinate in it when you’re drunk. It gets re-used, so you’ll be in a surprise the morning after.

Via: Jumpthegap