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Give your home the aquatic feeling with Jellyfish Lamp

Jellyfish Lamp

Jelly fish lamps are latest offering by the designer duo Tristan Cochrane and Paula BenvegnĂș. Inspired by the azure oceans and its creature jelly fish, these lamps are intended to simulate the movements of a jellyfish and create a surreal atmosphere for the onlookers. None of the lights used in the lamp are identical as each one of them have their own spectrum of colors and intensities.

The designers were inspired by the BBC documentary ‘The Blue Planet’, which showed deep explorations into the realms of sea and its marine life. The Medusa in particular attracted their attention because of its slow and elegant movements and thus the idea of jellyfish lamp was born.

The duo added the element of eco-friendliness by making the lamp with the discarded satin ribbons. The designers found the material of their choice 3500 meter pink satin ribbon in a trash can. They could retrieve the satin ribbon because of this tradition in Spain where people put their reusable trash on roads for others to collect it.

The form of jellyfish from the bunch of ribbons was a self evolved one as the designers tried to play around with the huge bunch of ribbon, it kept changing shapes till it finally became a beautiful jellyfish lamp. The biggest challenge the duo faced while making the lamp was to make out a way for heat dissipation, as the satin ribbons are big heat insulators. But the challenge was met in the form of energy saving bulbs.

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