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Moving Houses: Keeping Your Belongings Safe When Moving

Moving homes is stressful 

Moving from one home to another is like unveiling a new chapter in your life. You are to undergo another set of adjustments. You are literally moving your belongings and your life to another location.

The neighbors, address, even nearby amenities will change. With all the alterations and getting yourself accustomed to, your new life can be quite overwhelming. But even before you embark on a new journey, it pays to do due diligence to ensure you experience fewer hassles, especially during your moving day.

Moving homes is stressful enough. But knowing you are also taking all of your belongings with you to your new home can be quite stressful. Many things can go wrong, from organizing and packing your stuff to unloading and unpacking them in your new home.

You spent a huge deal of cash and time just to come up with your collection over the years. It only makes sense that you take extra steps to make sure you don’t mix or lose anything when moving them over to your new home. To make the move more bearable and ensure your belongings are safe during the move, here are four tips worth keeping in mind.

1. Invest in a Reliable Cloud Storage

Reliable Cloud StorageMany people would not even think to back up their files, be it memorable photos or videos on their phones or important documents in their computers when moving house. But then, many things can go wrong that your precious files and memories can become compromised. For one, you can never really tell when your hard drives will be put at risk.

Your phone might get lost, or your computers might be damaged on your way to your new house. The last thing you need is to lose all those precious files and memories on your moving day. So, instead of simply relying on your physical hardware, invest in a reliable but low-cost personal cloud storage and data backup.

Your phones, tablets, desktop, or laptop won’t last forever. You surely want all of your precious memories and pertinent files saved in a secure place. Keeping your data secure is one of the best ways to save yourself a big headache when moving to your new house.

2. Create an Inventory Ahead of Time

Moving day can easily be filled with confusion. The last thing you want to do is feel stressed out just because you forgot to create a list of your valuables before putting everything in boxes. Save yourself the headache by taking a detailed inventory list ahead of time.

Create a list with names of your valuables, the conditions before moving, which box you placed these items in, how the items will be moved, and the condition of your valuables after moving. Snap photos of each valuable showing the important details like the numbers and condition of each item. This will make it easier for you to check if anything goes missing or damaged upon moving.

The inventory also helps save you time when unpacking the boxes in your new house. You will know exactly what stuff goes into what boxes. This can even help you prove your statement in case anything is stolen, lost, or damaged.

3. Take All of Your Valuables in Your Car

couple putting Valuables in the CarChances are, you are driving your car while the rest of your stuff stays in the moving truck. Even if you hire a reliable moving company, it is in your best interest to keep all your valuables with you at all times. This means carrying everything you can’t afford to lose, like your money, jewelry, pertinent documents, with you no matter what.

If there is too much stuff for you to carry, then you can lock these in a portable safe. As much as possible, never let this out of your sight. If you require help carrying the safe to your car and up and up your new home, make sure you never leave the movers out of your sight.

Are there other valuables that are too large for you to carry in your car? Then you can ask your moving company how they transfer artworks, sculptures, and other larger-sized valuables to your new home. Many moving companies offer special moving services for more valuable belongings.

4. Consider Moving Insurance

Unknown to many homeowners is that their home insurance policy may offer coverage when moving houses. Remember that your home insurance can cover any items lost or damaged. You can check if there is also enough coverage for your household items when moving.

Not that the free basic coverage may not be enough to cover your needs. You need to consider your belongings to see if the extra cost is worth it. But if you got lots of stuff, then moving insurance is worth the small fraction of your belonging’s total value to save yourself the financial headache.

Keeping your belongings safe should be a priority on your moving day. You don’t want to end up losing any valuable or any of your belongings getting damaged before it reaches your new house. With this list as your guide, you can better safeguard your stuff until you reach your new home.

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