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Why Move to a Tiny House?

Move to a Tiny House

What’s a tiny house? Let’s make it simple. A tiny house is literally a small space that you choose to call home. An article in Financial Times defines tiny homes as “stripped-back, downscaled versions of regular houses.”

For claustrophobic people, living in a small space is unimaginable. Yet, there are plenty of individuals who choose this living arrangement. Based on a survey done by IPX 1031, out of 2000 American respondents, “86% say they would consider buying a tiny home for their first home.

So what makes tiny house living so appealing?

1. It’s budget-friendly

Budget for new houseIt only makes sense that you spend less when you build a smaller home because you buy lesser materials. There is no wonder why first-time homeowners prefer to start tiny. It is easier to secure and pay a mortgage loan for this kind of home.

Having a small space also means paying less for electricity. Imagine how many bucks you can save from using an air conditioner in a smaller room as compared to a bigger space.

Millennials or newly-wed couples who want to start a new home will definitely find it easier to begin with something small while they prepare for bigger plans in the future.

2. It’s environment-friendly

As mentioned above, having a tiny space means using less electricity. This gives the tiny house movement plus points for energy efficiency and sustainability.

In a paper written by Maria Saxton of Virginia Tech, she mentioned, “The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) released a study in 2010 which found that reducing the square footage of one’s home is the single most effective measure for reducing one’s impact on the environment.

This is part of the reason why tiny house living became a movement. Environmental-conscious individuals deliberately choose to live in a small home not just because of budget reasons, but because it has less impact on the environment.

3. It puts you in a central location

central location of tiny houseLocation is a big factor when it comes to any kind of home, whether it be big or small.

If you’ll notice, since most cities are congested, living spaces adjust to fit more people. The result is tiny house living. But most trade space for living big. Take for example the popular cities of Tokyo, Paris, and New York. A lot of people in these cities live in micro homes, but they get to enjoy the perks of living in the center of the city.

This means, having convenient access to transportation, dining and shopping areas, and easy access to health care. You can easily meet up with friends in a cafe or a bar, go to the gym, or go to a nearby convenience store if you’re feeling hungry in the middle of the night.

All of these conveniences, only living in the city can provide. And unless you’re a millionaire, you have got to suck it up and squeeze in a tiny space if you want to live in the big city.

4. A tiny house can be mobile

Some people on the other hand have no intention of living permanently in the city, or anywhere for that matter.

Mobility is certainly an option when you are building a tiny home. One day your house can be situated in your parents’ backyard, and the next day, you can bring it to an elevated spot with beautiful mountain views. How cool is that?

But some may ask, what is the difference between living in a trailer and living in a tiny house?

A trailer is technically a vehicle that is converted into a living space, while a tiny house on wheels is a home that is built with equipment that enables it to be transported into a different area.  However, some municipalities only consider a tiny home a house when it is over 400 sq ft (37.16 m²). In this case, some tiny homes with lesser square footage are registered as a trailer or an RV. 


There are plenty more reasons to join the tiny house movement. At the same time, there are important things to consider before deciding to live in a tiny home.

One important factor is location. Do you want to live in the city or do you want to live off-grid? When deciding your layout, think about where you want to spend most of your time in your house. Most people invest in kitchen and bedroom space because most tiny house owners choose the world as their living and entertainment space.

Tiny house living also means minimalism. So take only what you need. Lastly, if you are planning to live with someone in your tiny space, make sure you really like them. Tiny living is a lifestyle that can be very challenging, but worth it at the same time.

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