Seven multi-touch coffee tables to electrify your home decor

Coffee Table Multitouch Surface Computer

Coffee tables are an integral part of our living room and we normally try to buy modern and beautiful coffee table in order to add to the beauty of our home. Earlier, the coffee tables were made of only woods but now we have ultramodern coffee tables which are multi-touch. Here is a list of seven multi-touch coffee tables to electrify your home decor.

1. T3-B multi-touch coffee table

T3-B Multi-touch coffee table

Digital Touch has designed and manufactured a multi-touch table named “T3-B”. This unique and modern table comes fitted with a 26-inch LCD screen. This integrated screen allows you to remain connected while you are enjoying a hot cup of coffee. This screen fitted on the surface of the table allows the users to browse, interact and select with different options. You can access these through Wi-Fi. This LCD screen features an orientation switch as well. The purpose of this switch is to help the user scan content on the panel. This multi-touch table also has the option to connect it to credit card reader, receipt printer and TV tuner. This multi-touch table is a perfect thing for hotel or restaurant, where you can use this table for commercial purposes.

2. Multi-touch coffee table concept

Multi-Touch Coffee Table Concept

Priced at around $15,000, the multi-touch coffee table concept is still a concept and it is expected to become a reality in the near future. This modern and unique table concept is designed by the students at Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. This table features a CRISTAL system, which makes this table act like a universal remote, which means that you can control devices including home theater, digital photo library, lights, vacuum cleaner, etc. using this multi-touch coffee table. This coffee table has a camera, which is used to take overhead image of the room. Once the camera clicks the image of the room, you can watch the image on the table and you can then control the devices by simply tapping on the table.

3. Coffee table multi-touch surface computer

Coffee Table Multitouch Surface Computer

The base of this multi-touch coffee table is shaped like an equilateral triangle. This multi-touch surface computer has a projector in one corner, while the screen is placed in the middle of the opposite edge. The height of this unique and modern multi-touch coffee table is around 42 cm. The projector used is a Dell 1200 MP projector. The dimensions of the screen are 80 cm x 60 cm. This multi-touch coffee table will definitely add to the beauty of your home decor and it will be wonderful addition to your home.

4. Touchscape multi-touch coffee table

Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table

This multi-touch coffee table is a high-gloss table with a gorgeous and stylish look. The coffee table features high-powered surface computing, which makes it a very useful addition to your living room. This multi-touch coffee table uses patented MT technology, which is capable of tracking maximum touches. The self-monitoring system integrated in Touchscape automatically update and monitor the performance. The design of this table is very attractive and the viewing angle is quite high. The table features a 47-inch LCD screen. The computer fitted in this table is powered by a quad core processor. The customers can make use of the modular design of this table to customize the system’s components as per their choice.

5. iTable


The iTable is hi-tech furniture which works as a multi-touch computer as well. Gadget freaks will love this multi-touch table designed and developed by PQ Labs Inc. The iTable features true multi-touch technology designed by the PQ Labs. This multi-touch table is capable of recognizing 32 fingers, which means many people can use this multi-touch table at a time. This multi-touch table features a 42” Full HD LED screen which can be operated with a variety of things including stylus, bottle, pen, gloves, etc. The thickness of this table is around 1.5 inches.

6. MT55 platform multi-touch table

MT55 Platform Multitouch Table

Manufactured by Ideum, the MT55 HD multi-touch table comes fitted with a 55-inch HD LCD display. This display screen support several touch points at a time. This table is 31 inches tall. It is made of aluminum and steel. The system is powered by quad-core processor. The system features Quadro 600 PCIe graphics by NVIDIA. This table has input and output for audio.

7. Touchscape 47-inch multi-touch coffee table

Touchscape 47-inch Multi-touch Coffee Table

This multi-touch coffee table uses patented MT technology, which allows tracking several touches simultaneously. This table features a self-monitoring system, which is capable of downloading updates automatically from Internet. The system is powered by a 3.4 GHz quad-core Phenon processor. The table has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This multi-touch table features a 47-inch LCD screen.

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