Must Have Things for Your First Apartment

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If this is the first time you are moving into a new apartment, then we gather you would be relatively new to packing. As such, we consider it important that you as well as every first timer out there carry along a few essential items when moving. Although not that obvious, these items would really come in handy in the new apartment, especially before moving in the bigger pieces like the furniture. So without further ado, here are seven must have things in your first apartment.

Kitchen Utilities

kitchen cabinets

When entering the apartment, you may want to stock up on some kitchen utilities. The most important in this list would be of course a knife, a can opener and a spoon. While you can do with paper plates and cups for the first few days, you would need to opt to buy some real dishes and cups soon enough. Always opt to buy more than one set in case you get some unexpected guests.

Also, make it a point to get some pots for cooking. If you stay alone or eat out often, opt to be more cost effective and buy only a few pots and pans you would really need for an emergency breakfast or dinner. A few food storage containers would come in handy to store leftovers as well.

A Tool Kit

A Tool Kit

Although you do not need an entire toolbox filled with elaborate supplies, carrying around a small toolbox with the basic supplies can be helpful. Some of the tools you may need in your new apartment include a screwdriver, wrench, power drill, hammer, tape measure, scissors and some nails. These will help you fix any minor repairs around the apartment and would save you plenty of money in decorating the apartment. Why call in someone else when you can hang a picture yourself?

Cleaning Supplies

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Always make it a point to stock up on some basic cleaning supplies before entering the new apartment. Chances are you may have some cleaning up to do before bringing in the furniture and other items. Make a house cleaning kit list and add these options to it along with any other essentials you can think of. Some of the more important cleaning supplies you would need include a broom, mop, microfiber cloth, vacuum, duster, cobweb cleaner and rubber gloves. Also, add some dishwashing detergents, washing powders/solutions and floor surface cleaners in your list. This will help you keep the apartment clean in the first few days as you settle down.


Striped Dining Room Curtains

Chances are you may have at least one nosy neighbor who would have no qualms of playing peeping tom at the most inopportune moments. The best way to avoid this and similar scenarios is to opt for some curtains or blinds, especially if your apartment does not come pre-equipped with them.

You may also need to invest in a good shower curtain for the bathroom. This will give you enough privacy to enjoy your showers in peace in case you are about to share the apartment with some more friends. Buy a cheap shower liner to fit inside the shower so that your shower curtains remain clean for longer periods.

Box Knife

Box Knife

In addition to the toolbox, you would need to have a small box knife handy for emergencies. A box knife can be the best tool around when it comes to unpacking furniture, opening boxes and even removing the zip ties on new packaging. If you do not have one of these knives with you, chances are you will head out to buy one as soon as you enter start unpacking.



Until you have all the lights fitted in your new home, your sole companion in the dark would be a flashlight that would also come to your rescue in case of a sudden power cut while unpacking. Just make sure you stock up on extra batteries for long hours in the dark.

First Aid Kit

home first aid kit

This one is definitely necessary if you are entering a new apartment. Expect to get cut or bruised while arranging things around the new place. So having a first aid kit with some band-aids and antiseptic creams will be an added advantage for sure.

When moving into your first apartment, it is essential that you take along a few essential items that would come to your rescue in times of need. These items are some of the more important things you would need in your apartment as you settle down.

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