Latest Bathroom Trends for a Refreshing Bathing Experience

Bathrooms, often overlooked in many house, are one the important places that rank only after kitchens in terms of home remodeling expenditures all over the world. Given below is an exquisite list of some of the latest and attractive bathroom trends that will entirely change your perception about bathing and will help you transform this routine activity place into an amazing and refreshing one.

Appealing Hardware:

Appealing Hardware

Materials like gold, copper and brass that were commonly used as an accessory to enhance the décor and furnishings are now making their way into bathrooms through knobs, faucets and showerheads. This would help create a feeling of warmth and comfort inside the bathroom and hence, help you have a wonderful shower time.

Breathing Walls:

Japanese Style Bathroom_4

Bathrooms these days draw inspiration from nature and life ad feature unique and amazing live walls, such as wooden cabinets bearing live moss. This not just makes your bathroom attractive but vibrant at the same time. Users can easily water these potted plants using various techniques, such as automatic watering, depending on the amount of water and the moisture content of the soil. These walls full of lush greenery are available in numerous designs and are easy to maintain.

Bathroom Ledges:

Bathroom Ledges

A bathroom design that offers extra storage has never been out of fashion and this trend continues to rule even today. In order to utilize each single inch of the available space without compromising the style and elegance, designers are striving to put their best foot forward and add creativity to all the aspects including the ledges. In built medicine cabinets, tub side shelves with integrated ledges are the latest trends that are becoming widely popular. This looks even more appealing when combined with natural stone or tile.

Water conserving toilets:

Water conserving toilets

Even toilet designing is been revived for an all-new and modern look of the bathrooms. Conventional and heavy weight ceramic tanks are now been replaced by seductive and sexy rectangular tanks in black or white glass with an attractive ceramic bowl. These toilets are both functional and fabulous looking, and also help you to save water and do not require plumbing renovations at all.

Floating Vanity:

Floating Vanity

For small spaces particularly, floating vanity has become an important trend in modern bathrooms that let you use your space in the best and most efficient way possible. For many years and even today, designers aim at a design that is easy to maintain, requires less floor space and is sophisticated too. To achieve this there could be no better option than the floating vanity, which is actually devoid of legs and thus helps you highlight more of your floor area. You can even add some extra storage to the vanity to tuck in your bathroom essentials.

Curb-less Showers:

Curb-less Showers

Lately homeowners are preferring curb less showers due to their appeal and an eye-catching look. This enhances bathroom design only for the better and more prominently in smaller spaces. Even tiny details, such as stylish floor drains that run under glass, make the whole arrangement appear even attractive and mesmerizing.

Customized Walk in Showers:

Walk-In Showers 4

The current and beautiful trend in bathroom design is having a walk-in shower without doors. These showers are preferred for various reasons, such as style, beauty and space efficiency. This is a revolutionary step in the bathroom making and designing industry and allows a person to express his individuality while being a part of the crowd.


If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, all these latest updates on bathroom designing will help you have the best and the most enjoyable bathing experience ever.

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