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Waeco My Fridge: A new range in mobile refrigeration

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How would you feel if you could have your refrigerator wherever you go, either indoor or outdoor? The answer to this is My Fridge from Waeco Mini Refrigerators. They are specialists in mobile refrigeration technology. This mobile refrigerator is designed in silver metallic and grey. It can keep the refrigerator cool, 20 degree centigrade below outside temperature because of the advanced technology and the wear-free thermoelectrics and also the refrigerator’s fan system is extremely quiet which helps it to run silently. You can take it to the office, beach, picnic, home or anywhere. The power socket or the car battery provides energy to it.

Enough food and drinks can be kept inside the Waeco Mini Refrigerator depending upon your needs. It is available in three sizes;5 litre, 15 litre and 18 litre models. The 5 litre model has interior light. The 15 litre model adds vertical height for 1.5 litre bottle to accommodate, the handle is designed as fold down which states that it is truly mobile, and grid divider is also there. The largest Mini Refrigerator which is the 18 litre one, stands upright, has a removable tray and door rack, vertical space for 2 litre bottle, low noise fan, non-slip rubber feet and comfortable handle for carrying.
via: Appliancist