Ni Chair will dramatize your home corner leaving kids with fun and excitement

Ni Chair

Ni Chair is said to be an entertaining chair for kids and at the same time it acts as a luxurious decor item yet simple to construct. Ni Chair is a beautiful concept created by Mexican designer Sergio Davila. It is made out of DuPont Corian while EL Wire is used for its decoration. It was designed for the Tron Design Corian series.

Looking at form factor, it simply looks awesome and gives a dramatize venture of art that imprints the modern art structure to your home corner. Sergio has designed the chair in such a way that it appears to be very simple to produce and assemble. You can assemble the chair by joining or say bridging the two profiles with work of reed knit or with embroidery of cotton straps.

The chair is structured by placing three beams in proper order and is emphasized more on the area, which needs support like the back area and the knee area so that the user is left with the feeling of relaxation. Ni Chair enhances the beauty of materials, which are used in its making. The chair is developed based on anthropometric principles where the use of glue or paint is prohibited. Also, check the gallery for more details.

Via: Vivenciadesign

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