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Now, Lounge In Your Bathtub!

hoesch water lounge 1

Lounging comfortably in the bathtub could be anyone’s fascination, which seemed impractical, until now! The luxurious bathtub by NOA Design, for Hoesch, has presented the comfort of the duo in a single product.

The see-through tub is edged with glittering metal framework, whereas the ergonomically designed acrylic lounger comfortably rests on a delicate metallic construction.

It offers you an exclusive massage with the help of gentle bubbles coming from the air massage system, through tiny gaps in the support.

The water inflow is integrated in a 1400 mm high revolving halogen lamp, featured with a round metallic table for you to place your glass of drink, a magazine, or anything that you feel is handy.

Via: Wowbathrooms