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How to Organize Drawers

There is nothing more irritating than pulling out your essential items out of your messy drawer. Everyone has to go through this painful task every morning especially, if you have to get ready and leave for work. It may contain too many items including your pens, papers, tools, receipts, new and old wallets and what not. Most of us dump all the items into the drawer if we are not sure about whether they will be of use later or not. So eventually, it becomes a junk collector. Imagine a well organized drawer. You can find whatever you need in no time. There is no need to spend time searching for a particular item or get frustrated. All you have to do is take out time on a weekend and organize the drawer. If you have not done it at all, follow the procedure given below to learn how to organize drawers.

Complexity Level: Basic

Time Required: 2-3 hours

Resources Required:

  1. Open space to set out the contents
  2. Small bags or boxes for organizing
  3. Drawer organizers
  4. Trash can, charity box
  5. Cleaning materials


1. Empty the contents

The first step is to empty the contents on an open space like the floor or a table. You should have enough space so that you can spread out the contents and sort them out into different piles. Once you empty the contents, take a soft cloth and give a quick wipe to the drawers to remove the accumulated dirt and dust.

2. Organize into different piles

Once you spread all the contents on the floor, you have to find all similar kinds of things like pens, tools, coins, paper bits etc and organize them into separate heaps.

3. Buy drawer organizers

Drawer organizers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can find them in most of the home improvement stores. They come in bamboo, silver and plastic. Choose the material according to your personal choice. Most of these are stack-able and can easily slide one above the other. So, it is easy to access whatever item you need. While buying, consider the depth and size according to your drawer and the items you need to place inside.

4. Put the items in the organizers

Once you are ready with the organizers, put the items back into them according to your convenience. There may be certain items that you need daily. They can be placed on the top for easy access. Put the remaining items according to their use.

5. Enjoy the new look

After putting everything at its place, you will have a feeling of satisfaction. So, enjoy it and try to dispose the items that are not required. Remember to check the drawer regularly and ensure that you put all the things in the place allotted for them. This can help you to reduce clutter and maintain a clean drawer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I organize my kitchen drawer?

You need to follow the same procedure for organizing your kitchen drawer. Instead of using the drawer organizers, use some containers to store different items. If there is a lot of clutter, you have to remove everything first. Sort them out and put the items in different containers. Buy the containers according to the space you have inside the drawer. After putting the items into the container, put them back into the drawer to have a customized and organized look.

Quick Tips:

  1. Sometimes, you may find a lot of items that are not useful to you. If they are in good condition you can donate them to a charity club or the local secondhand store. Salvation Army and Goodwill do regular pickups for such items. If you are in the United States, you may get a tax refund.
  2. If you want your drawers to remain fresh, try using an air freshener inside. It keeps your drawers smelling fresh always. If possible try to leave it under your organizer so that it is not visible and at the same time it smells good whenever you open it.
  3. Clean the drawers occasionally with clove oil, peppermint or lavender oil to prevent mold formation.

Things To Watch Out For:

  1. Do the cleaning only when you have enough time to complete it. If you leave it incomplete, it will create more clutter.
  2. While handling the tools and other small items in the collection, handle them with care. They can cause some injuries like cuts and scratches.