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How to organize your home

Home sweet home is a true saying depicting portray of beautiful and organized home. Home is the place where we all relax and are free to do things according to the will. But the situation can toss and you may end up having an unorganized home. Such home radiates negative energy as they are full of useless or least used items. These items may cause you feeling sick and irritated. Also on the incoming of any relative can be embarrassing for you in such unorganized home. Many other conditions are also there demanding an order of maintenance of the home. Let’s start what to take care of the things at the time of organizing the home.

Complexity Level moderate
Time required A day to a week

Resources required:

  • Garbage bags.
  • Several boxes.
  • Timer.
  • Gloves.
  • Surface cleaner etc.


1. Start with living area.

It is the welcoming area for everyone, it would be advisable to start with this area. Have a careful look and try to put the living area as cluttered free and presentable as you can. Put only beautiful and necessary items. Work on your furniture too. If the living area is big, you can manage with a heavy furniture set and vice versa.

2. Get to kitchen.

Second most important area of the home. Kitchen is usually full of spice bottles, cutlery sets, tea and coffee sets, utensils etc. Check on those items which are really worth of being a part of your beautifully organized kitchen. Get the dirty items cleaned. Try to keep the kitchen platform as clean and empty as you can. Work on doors, drawers, shelves, cupboards etc.

3. Enter bedroom.

Bedroom should also be highly organized. Get your bed free of number of items like lots of photos, article items etc. Also check for under bed storage. Remove/add items which are worth of doing so. Now come to the closet. Buy things thinking about the closet’s capacity. If you have several shelves into your closet, divide them in order of approach-ability. Generally we reach out mostly for clothes, set the front part of the closet for clothes and other part for various items. Drawers can be used for arranging little items like socks, handkerchiefs etc. Use the upper portion for the items that are used less frequently. Lower shelves can be used for putting towels, bed linens, curtains etc. which are used little more frequently. Also work on the showcases and other parts of the bedroom. Always keep a closed trash can or bin into your room.

4. Turn towards kid’s room.

Kids are very likely to throw or keep their items here and there. Assign several boxes for arranging several alike items like stationary, books, drawing sets, toys etc., label them and direct your kid about their usage. Also put one or two beautiful posters telling to keep the room tidied up. Make your kid responsible for organizing his/her room.

5. Utility room.

Organize items in utility in a certain manner so that you can reach out for them easily.

6. Guest’s room.

Keep this room free of loads. Also put a trash can. Place beautiful pictures, show items or posters to give a rich look.


Q: I have less time to manage my home. Give me some effective ideas to obtain a beautiful home.

A: Home can also be organized in less time too. Simply work on one area at a time. Soon you will get a beautiful and organized home. Also take your partner’s help.

Q: I am fond of organizing parties. Please provide me some good tips to manage home after party.

A: Use disposable cutlery/utensils. Assign bags for disposing them. If you can, get help from your friend at the end of the party. Keep arranging the area bit by bit during the party.

Quick tips

Get 3 kinds of boxes/bags. One can be used for the items given as Gifts/Charity, second one can be for Broken/Trash items and third one can be used for Later use. Use these in organizing process.

  1. Detach yourself from your emotions as they can put you in trouble keeping unnecessary items.
  2. Get a helper.
  3. Decide the number of days you can complete the organizing task. It will help you enormously.
  4. To speed up the organizing process, set a timer.

Things to watch out for

  1. Put on gloves at the time of cleaning and removing pieces of glasses etc.
  2. Put on an apron so that your dress don’t go dirty in the process.
  3. Get organizing tips from magazines, internet, friends etc.
  4. Don’t be careless for any item. Work on every area and item.