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Philips’ MCD299 Home Theater: Small, sleek and very affordable

philips 540x236 GCODJ 15699
On one side we have huge home theaters that usually require a room of their own and on the other side of the spectrum, we have the Philips MCD299. Yes, this sleek home theater is designed to be small enough to fit even cramped one-room apartments. Flat is in and this home theater system takes the word flat a tad too seriously. How else can you explain the very flat, metal finished center console which hosts all it’s music and video functions replete with very chic looking metallic buttons? Very sleek! This center console is flanked by some more flat stuff. This time you have a couple of very stylish speakers on either side of the MCD299’s center console. For all the thunderous movie effects, you have a sub woofer connected to the MCD299’s 140 watt amplifier. Apart from the regular DVD and audio CD playback functions, the MCD299 brings you some additional functionality as you can plug in your USB to belt out a few tunes. That is not all, this system will also belt out other formats like JPEG, MP3 and WMA. Philips means affordability and continuing in this vein, they offer you this stunningly flat home theater system for an ultra reasonable $348.

Via: crave.cnet