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How to pick the right bathroom fixtures

You might have a blank canvas currently staring at you in place of a bathroom, or you might be unhappy with how your current suite is working, and you’re looking to re-model the space. Whatever your reason for wanting to change your bathroom, the most important feature in your new space will be the bathroom fixtures and fittings. They’ll affect everything from how big the space appears when you walk in, to the mood of the room. Most people want their bathrooms to be relaxing areas, so how do you make sure you select the right furniture for you? You’ll need to find the answers to the following questions…

What’s the size of your space?

 This is the most critical question, so it should be right at the top of your list. The measurements you hold in your hand while you walk around a showroom will already have narrowed down a lot of the ranges open to you, so it’s important to pay close attention to them.

Note down thorough figures for everything in the room, and then think about how the space will work practically, by drawing out some rough furniture sizes on your floor. You should always allow plenty of floor space to open shower doors and unit drawers, and avoid packing in large, bulky items just because you love them if they aren’t suitable. In the end, you’ll end up hating them!

How do you use your bathroom?

Once you have your rough calculations in hand for the sizes of your furniture, you need to think seriously about how you will use this space. For example, do you have anyone in your household who is elderly, or has back or leg injuries? It would be unfair to install a bath with a shower head where they constantly have to bend painful joints each day to get in and out. In this scenario, it might be better to have a separate bath and shower.

Or instead, are you all about storage and the need to hide away the kids’ bath toys all the time? Consider what bathroom furniture could help you with this; for example, there are lots of space-saving solutions out there from large retailers, such as Better Bathrooms. They’ll be able to show you everything from vertical radiators to make the most of narrow spaces, to wall-mounted toilets with concealed cisterns in the wall, freeing up more space for units.

What’s your personal style?

Finally, it’s all well and good having your key needs in mind and your measurements written down, but if you can’t narrow the type of furniture or style you’re looking for, you’ll find it tough to pick anything.

Are you a lover of tradition, looking for roll-top baths and taps reminiscent of the Victorian era? Or are you hunting for sleek, contemporary, minimalistic pieces with clean lines? These may sound like simple decisions, but even when narrowing down online searches, it will help to cut out hundreds of irrelevant ranges.

Have you recently re-modelled your bathroom?

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