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Quick rundown on the things to check before buying your first home

Before signing the papers to officially buy a new home, prospective homeowners need to keep some very important considerations to be checked. While they can always hire the services of a seasoned professional to inspect and look over the place for bug infestation and food damage, here we are providing a brief rundown on the things to check before buying a home, which would eventually help homeowners to avoid costly repairs. You can always rely on the services of a developer to help you fix it before you actually move in.

First considerations


Instead of purchasing a property from just any developer or listing provider, it’s always in your best interest to carry out proper research beforehand and accordingly, lookout for companies with great track records. Lendlease and their developed communities like the home and land for sale Brisbane make for one such informed choice. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and protect your life’s major investment.

Flush the toilets

Toilets need be in the best shape possible just to ensure that you don’t have to spend needlessly to renovate them later. Although toilet bowls are easy enough to replace or fix, finding ones that flush well isn’t as simple. If you’re dissatisfied, you can ask for money back or replacement to protect your investments.

Check the sinks and drains


Silly? Perhaps, but some homes may have been rushed, causing ill-fitting pipes that may leak once used. Try pouring water into it first. If no leak is obvious, try putting the rubber stopper and fill the sink. Remove the rubber stopper and inspect the pipes. This will be a first good indicator of a home’s build quality.

Use the fireplace

While chimneys are installed by professionals, that doesn’t mean they’ll always stay in pristine shape. You can ensure to clean them by calling a serviceman via phone.

Taste the water

If you don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way, then do it before you purchase a home. Even when a city has great water, contaminated or rusted pipes can send something extra out of the tap into your glass. Knowing beforehand whether you’ll need to install a whole house filter or invest in Brita pitchers will help tons.

Open every window

Girl closes a window

Squeaking and poorly-made windows can degrade or shatter quickly. Replacing windows aren’t fun either – or cheap. Ask the house seller to open them for you all to know if they stick, are stuck or just plain won’t open.

Check and turn on faucets

Changing faucets may be quite easy, but the time and effort required to get it running again can be used for other more productive activities. Check them all to ensure that they all work to eliminate the backache of fixing it in the future.

Open electrical panel

A labeled and clean panel is a safe and secure panel. Something that looks like mice got up inside and had buffet can signal trouble. Find loose wires or ones that simply don’t link to anything. This could signal that there are live wires inside the walls.

Final Note

Aside from these obvious considerations, you may also look for other signs of poorly designed or constructed things inside the home you’re about to buy. The best advice anyone could give you is to acquire your home from top developers in top locations.

So, what other pre-buying techniques do you know and use? Share it with us!

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