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What should you know before choosing curtains for window treatments

Curtains are one of the best ways to cover your large windows and glass doors, and enhance the overall décor of the home in an ideal way. Exquisite and trendy curtains considerably enhance the décor of the house. If you are planning to use curtains for the window treatments in your home, there are certain ideas which you should consider in order to give your windows an ideal covering and an incredible uplift.

Function Over Style


When choosing curtains, you don’t always have to give priority to the function over style. If you want a treatment that gives you complete darkness and privacy, you would need the blackout lined curtains. However, if light filtering is not a problem for you or if you are looking for curtains only for the decorative purposes, you can choose ones without lining. The lined curtains can be more expensive as compared to the ones without them.


Curtains are often a big investment, both in terms of the cost and their matching with the home décor. Till the time you do not change the décor of your home, the curtains also don’t get changed. You should always consider the features  durability, insulation & light blockage and select the curtains which have an interlining. The interlining is a thin layer of flannel type fabric sewn between the face and the lining of the curtains.

Texture of the Curtains


In order to select the right texture for your curtains, it is important to consider the mood of the room where the curtains will be utilized. More often than not, this will be in the living room or bedrooms.  This means you want curtains that will match the syle of the room. Custom curtains make the best option for such situations because they are designed to what you want – fabric, size, hardware and rods, and more. Taking advantage of such options gives you the power to really have what you want.

Mounting of the Curtains

Typically, hanging the curtain brackets outside the window moulding on the wall above the windows gives an attractive look as it allows the curtain fabric to fall gracefully, but, if your window frames are detailed, you would not want to cover it. For such windows, you can hang the curtains within the frame with a tension rod or other inside mount options.

Tiebacks For the Curtains

There are various ways in which we can bind the curtains, when they are not needed to cover the entire window and one of the best ways is to use the tiebacks or the curtains. They look graceful and beautifully tie the curtains. Tiebacks also give windows a swoopy formal look. So,if you also want to use tiebacks, always mount a peg or a metal bracket on the wall at approx two-thirds of the way, downside the window. For the style and finish of the tiebacks, you can match them with the style of the rod and the décor of the room.

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